Hey guys,

So for any of you who follow this thing regularly, welcome to new and improved Death Star!

No, totally kidding. I’ve just changed the theme, and added a couple of pages, and I’m not gonna lie, feeling preeettty motivated and excited about this thing. I think I’m just over envying the countless amount of bloggers that I follow on instagram; because a) envying other peoples’ lives is not a healthy hobby, and b) I keep wanting to write, and to write on here, so I might as well take advantage of this inspiration while it lasts!

Now for the fun part: finding the time to plan, research and then produce content! I still haven’t decided on a niche or style for this blog, as in whether it’s going to be purely fashion or purely writing or blah, blah, blah. I kind of want it to be all over the shop, because it not only represents the wide variety of things that I like, but then it will have a little bit of everything for the readers (you guys) too! But overall, I’m thinking some photography, fashion posts, product reviews, artist of the weeks, travel stuff, gig reviews, collaborations, interviews, and lists (Top 5 Parmy’s In … is looking to become a regular, just warning ya). It’s basically a projection of all the cool things I enjoy, that hopefully you guys will enjoy too. And the best part of it is, I’m going to be totally honest in regards to what things cost, was it worth it, etc. Because there’s nothing worse than reading about something really groovy online, but not being able to find the price of it anywhere!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. I guess the main thing I can do now is actually live up to all the ideas I’ve put out there. I’m not gonna lie, concentrating on my maths assignment tomorrow is going to be extremely difficult now my creative brain is buzzing.

Speak soon!


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August 12, 2015

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