As you may know, 2018 started off weirdly for me. I was in a gross head space, grieving deeply and debating my entire existence and what my purpose is. Yeah, it was as intense as that sentence sounds, and although I’ve managed to get on top of certain issues, the constant struggle between being fleeting and spontaneous because ‘yolo, life is too fucking short, you could die tomorrow anyway’ and more rational ‘hey bitch, you have bills to pay and you like to eat so get back to work’ has been a daily battle.

It’s been tricky, to put it mildly, and I still can’t go a day without fretting over not living that day to it’s best potential but also really wanting to take a nap.

I’m sure you’re not supposed to have this kind of existential crisis at age 23, but hey, death does that to a gal. Among many other things, it forces you to really evaluate YOUR life, and stop with the bullshit and work towards doing what you love.

Having decided this, at least, I vowed to make 2018 my year of knowledge. I didn’t write any new years resolutions or brag about learning Spanish by May; rather I wrote a vague list and resolved to learn about as much as I can.

Now, this didn’t mean enrolling in 3 new courses and applying for a semester abroad (although that would be pretty fabulous). I haven’t picked up any extra hobbies (except for one, which is a slow but dedicated process that will hopefully create something rad) or started volunteering at the library. I’ve just decided to learn. 

I’ve *finally* started listening to podcasts – I love them, they’re wonderful AND great for multi-tasking – and doing more puzzles and making a reading list. I’ve screenshotted and jotted down about 50 books about self development and am determined to read them all.

I’ve started following NASA on Instagram (Best.Decision.Ever) and voluntarily researched personal finance. I’m investigating which company to move my super into (I’m sick of funding bullshit) and have picked up some tricks in regards to saving.

I wanted a new website for this blog, so I learnt how to build one. Sure, it’s a template for now, but I own the domain and the possibilities are endless.

I had to learn about copyright laws for uni and I ENJOYED it. I interview people and find out how they’ve built what they’ve have and what advice they can give to others.

Because knowledge is nothing if you don’t share it.

I can’t claim to have made any interstellar discoveries or created a new product. I still don’t know anything about taxes or how to stop online shopping. But I’m willing to learn. And that’s what 2018 is all about.

I know a fair few people and businesses who have adopted the ‘word for the year’ thing. And now I know why – because it works. Even if you’re not doing it everyday, or don’t make any significant breakthroughs right away, that word is constantly on your mind.

It’s my year of knowledge. My learn to learn. My year to expand my mind. My year to do the things I’ve been too scared to, because I didn’t know how.

Even though we’re at the end of March, it’s not too late to pick something to dedicate your year to. Even if it’s just ‘sleep’, knowing that you’ve chosen something to work on, to better yourself, ALL YEAR, is a damn good feeling.



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March 26, 2018

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