Lately, I am being pulled by many cords.

I have a part time job. I am studying 3 subjects this semester. I am launching a business. I am still trying to read books.

I am busy.

But yet I still find time to lounge around on Instagram for ‘research’ and watch YouTube videos instead of starting my assignments.

James came home tonight and asked how said assignment was going and I replied honestly, “not good” and told him what I’d done this afternoon instead (i.e. Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, writing). He responded with, “So it’s not going bad, you just haven’t started yet.” And we laughed.

Not starting something urgent for uni is so typically me. I would rather dust my house than listen to tutorials if they’re not important (and I really hate dusting).

Is this what they call final semester blues? Where I know I’m nearly finished, and have come to the last round completely unmotivated and distracted?

I don’t want to do a shit job (and I won’t) but I’m also kind of over it. I have more exciting things to focus on now, and after nearly two years I’m flipping glad to be on the home stretch.

I knew this year was going to be full on, but damn, has it been full on.

When I decided to pursue copywriting on top of my regular stack of commitments, I didn’t really consider what it would mean – or how it would affect me. I was (am) passionate, and I enjoy the writing and the process of creating and nurturing a brand. And I think I’m pretty darn good at it too.

So far.

I do sometimes wonder how the fuck I’m going to pull it off. How I can juggle so many things and still maintain meaningful relationships with my boyfriend, friends and family. How I’ll be able to be a Girlboss without completely cutting out my self care rituals.

I’ve been reading and listening to so many stories from founders of brilliant businesses, and how they got started. It’s truly inspiring stuff, even if you’re not interested in running your own business (and something I plan to discuss in a post soon), but it also makes you realise just how much you can do if you put in the darn effort.

To combat the old intruder syndrome, I like to remind myself that doing certain things still count towards developing my personal knowledge and business, and if you’re in the same boat, you should try it too.

My list includes:

They’re pretty basic actions, but ones that quickly add up to a hefty pile of self improvement/learning actions, which are what satisfy me at the end of the day.

I’m a list girl, and like knowing that I’ve tackled certain tasks or researched topics that have been on my mind.

On paper it might look like a whole lot of distractions, but realistically, my university diploma can’t teach me everything I need to know. In fact, it’s completely tailored to suit the graphic design industry, which is brilliant for some occasions, but a tad useless on others.

I feel like I’ve just spent 500 words justifying procrastination whilst studying. And in a way, I have, because that’s what I do for myself in literally every block of free time I have that isn’t spent on uni.

In summary: don’t put all your learning eggs in one basket, and try not to feel too bad when you take the day off to read a great book (when you should be reading a not so great series of lecture notes).

I think craving for diverse streams of information is a good thing, and one we should try to take advantage of if we have access to them.

I hope that all made sense! I’m about to sign off to watch Arrested Development and embrace my inner sloth for the night.


Till next time,



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June 25, 2018

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