As someone who’s previously worked in commercial cleaning, I can see the irony in this title. More so, because I now *loathe* cleaning, and only do so to have a calm and tidy work environment.

But that’s besides the point.

I’ve come to appreciate a spot of housekeeping, but not just in the traditional sense.

Since increasing the hours I work in my business (whilst still maintaining a casual job), I’ve learnt the importance of good structure and keeping on top of things. We all know the benefits of being organised and running our lives off schedules and making time for doing nothing (yes, that’s a thing now) but we rarely discuss the specific actions and habits that lead to achieving this superior state of being.

Well today I’m spilling the tea. Read on for my top five ways to be more zen and less stressed.

Find a really good yearly planner – and USE IT

It’s hard to explain just how amazing and organised I feel using my Canvast Planner. I’ve also found a brilliant pen that I specifically use for it (a very important aspect) and now enjoy pulling it out and jotting down things the day/week. I especially love the budgeting section (because lord knows I need a good budget) and how there’s actually space to write more than two events for each day. The thrill of ticking things off my list is actually the definition of euphoria. Yeah, it’s that good.

Fix shit – NOW

I’m one of those people with a weird combo of laziness and OCD tendancies. A great example is a situation in my house right now: there’s a framed print in my lounge room that has slipped down in it’s frame. It’s wonky, and there’s white space showing, and it’s driving me mad. And yet, I haven’t fixed it. It’s been sitting there, eyeing me off for WEEKS.

So there’s the lesson ladies and gents: if you see something annoying/out of place in your space, just deal with it. Don’t waste precious mental energy battling with how long you can ignore it.

Create a system you enjoy utilising

This sounds simple, but is actually game-changing when you find the right fit for you. Below I’ve listed two examples of tailored systems that I’ve tried and tested and can now expertly recommend.

1. I’ve tricked myself into stacking/unstacking the dishwasher whilst I wait for the kettle to boil. I’ve coupled a boring task (housework) with something fun (drinking tea) and I often make it into a competition to see if I can get the kitchen clean before the kettle boils.

2. I put on some music/pocasts whilst I fold. Seems pretty basic, but it actually makes the task so much more enjoyable and it goes by a lot quicker. Especially because I then get bragging rights for listening to podcasts whilst I adult.

Document any nagging ideas you have – asap

Like most of the world, I get my best ideas whilst driving, when I’m supposed to be working or right before I fall asleep. I always promise myself that I’ll write them down later or that I’ll remember tomorrow – but I never do. Enter: fool-proofing my life. I have now have an open notebook and pen on my bedside table at all times, I voice record any article outlines whilst I’m in traffic and I keep a list in my phone dedicated to ideas or things to do.

Sure, I still mess up every now and then, but I’m getting better at it. A lot better.

Vaccum your damn floors

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particular lax, I’ll attempt to sweep my floors instead of pulling out the horrid vaccum. And it always sucks. I drop the broom handle on my foot, I can’t reach certain crevices, and let’s not forget the fans that blow the pile in 20 different directions. At the end of the ‘quick sweep’ I’m sweaty, annoyed and realise I’ll still have to use the vaccum anyway.

So i guess the real lesson here is: don’t cut corners just for the sake of it, because it usually bites you in the ass.

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April 8, 2019

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