Because nobody wants oily skin or an empty bank account. 


Disclaimer: I am in no frigging way a beauty expert. I actually know sweet f-all when it comes to contouring and winged liner and the importance of having one foundation for when you’re tanned and another for when you’re not. But, I do quite enjoy having clear skin, without having to break the bank to do so.

So alas, here are some beauty hacks that you’ve probably already seen all over Youtube, but these are the things that I live by and that generally keep my skin in pretty good shape (until I go on a junk food bender and then all bets are off). Also, NOTE: Some of the stuff might not work as well for you as it does for me, but it’s cheap and easy to find in your local grocery store/pharmacy/online so you might as well give it a crack if you’re looking for something new to try or freshen up your beauty routine.



This section is going to have a couple more because well, your face gets a lot of attention. I could do a whole post on make up alone (and yes, I am one of those people who have purchased their entire makeup ‘kit’ from Priceline and Target – no regrets either, that shit is good!) so I’ve tried to focus on the products that I use to keep my skin happy (on a budget).







I’m pretty slack when it comes to overall body-skin (is that a term? Ugh, idk) love. I should pay more attention, but I’m lazy and think that it’s an accomplishment if I remember to moisturise my legs after I shave; so here’s a couple of products that I love when I actually use them (haha).









Still reading? Well congrats on making it this far, and I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling on all of my essential beauty/ish products. I’ve only recommended things that I actually use, and use regularly, and (unfortunately) this post is not sponsored and there are no freebies coming my way despite writing such rave reviews.

Until next week,


Viv   x




February 1, 2016

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