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I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of my favourite little interview series, where I spoke to none other than the insanely talented Naomi Craigs.

I’ve been following Naomi’s work and evolution of style over the past few years, so it was great to pick her brain and discuss creativity, the launch of her new website and everything in between. 

Work & Creating


What artists/accounts are you loving at the moment? 
Oh my goodness, there are so many people out there who curate theirs so well. Props to them. But some of my favourite Instagram accounts currently are @audreyrivet, @kara_bino, and @aleksandrazee. Two I’d like to mention specifically is my ultimate “Instagram muse” style-wise, @orionvanessa. She’s a writer and has one of those accounts you just love everything (if it’s your style), also ever since I was a kid I wanted to write a book, so perhaps a little envious of her! The last account I want to mention is @heatherdayart. Her work is beautiful, but I love what she posts because she talks a lot about the process of creation.

Your Instagram feed is ridiculously dreamy – yet organic and raw at the same time. Do you plan your content or do you prefer to spontaneously upload depending on your mood/day’s activities?
I definitely don’t plan like some people/businesses do. I don’t schedule in advance or anything like that. I’m constantly taking photos when I’m at home/out. Being a photographer I have my camera or phone out all the time, and then I just post whatever I like. My kitten probably already feels like a celebrity (paparazzi in her face daily!)

What inspired you to start drawing and painting (as opposed to your photography work)?
I grew up drawing and painting, so it’s always been in my blood. Long before cameras ever were. Between the ages of 17-22, I didn’t touch a paintbrush because that was when I was a full-time freelance photographer and working on different dreams. I’ve reverted back to my roots and now am trying to find a true mix between doing everything that I love, and trying to make it work instead of feeling unsatisfied with not doing one of them.

You’re a fantastic photographer and have been in the industry for quite a while. How did you get started and build a portfolio?
Thank you! I guess it feels so long ago that I was a ‘real’ photographer. I started by photographing friends, people off Facebook and meeting other photographers. After some months, I landed a few event type gigs and started to work in the music industry. After that, I primarily worked taking portraits and live music photography.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.56.39 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.53.06 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.54.58 pm

You’re currently studying graphic design online, what prompted you to take a new creative route and how do you find learning it online?
I sure am! I’ve always been frustrated by knowing what I want (when it came to creating my websites or own logos) but not quite knowing how to execute it. My photography and computer background has made it really easy to study design online, but if I were to study anything else (I’m looking into a masters degree in the future) it will be on campus. I wouldn’t study anything else online, it’s just easy with this course given my background.

Do you have a favourite photograph or shoot you’ve taken?
I don’t have a favourite photograph. People usually recognised my female portraiture work but my favourite experiences were in the music industry. I was in my early twenties and photographing and meeting musicians. I was having experiences I never thought I’d have. Although it wasn’t in my interest to stay in the industry for a few reasons I will never forget those experiences.

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists/designers?
Don’t make the mistakes I’ve made! Hahaha! No… really though. Don’t. I didn’t look after myself and let my mental health effect my career (and life). I didn’t trust that my dreams were achievable. I let my doubt run my business and let opportunities slide. I would hate to see talented individuals make these mistakes. Even if you’re a beginner, your whole life will be easier if you truly believe in yourself to make your dreams happen.

You’re soon to be launching a new website and art store (congrats, by the way!) – what can we expect to see on there?
That’s correct! A mix of simple abstract collages, sketches and photographic prints. As I’ve mentioned, I love to write, so you can expect some very vulnerable writing on there. My website really is a little slice of heaven. My dreams and nightmares, my art and photographs. It’s my little creative oasis, and I hope it ends up reflecting that. It’s not really a shop or a business, it’s just lots of parts of me.



What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?
I’ve been given so much great advice by talented, successful, beautiful humans. But there’s one conversation I had with someone that stays with me when I get frustrated with the ‘process’. They said to me “If we were made to stick our hands into a fire, I would last a minute and you only ten seconds.” What they were implying is that I’m often not prepared to stick out the pain or ‘blood, sweat and tears’ to reap the results of hard work. This person is successful and I have witnessed them firsthand work hard for what they have. They were giving me brutal honest advice and I always remembered this because I loved the analogy.

If you could tell your teenage self 3 things, what would they be?
“Do what you love and fuck the rest.”
“Please don’t worry so much.”
“You will fall in love again.”

What is home to you?
Home is my mind, as complicated as it can be at times. Hard times force you to feel comfortable inside it.

Favourite coffee shop/cafe where you live?
In my local area, Hush coffee in Fremantle. They’ve never made me a bad coffee, and they (used to) have great croissants.

How would you describe your personal style?
Romantic/Chic/Mum-look/40 year old art curator.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.52.14 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.52.47 pm

What do you hope 2018 has in store for you?
Finishing my current university course, creating a great space on my website, feeling my intuition and running with it, creating as much as I possibly can, and travelling.

Quick Questions

Camera kit details: Any Canon camera (I’ve had a few!)

Digital or film? Digital, and film for novelty/fun.

Coffee order? Weak soy latte, or hot chocolate when my anxiety plays up.

Go to outfit? This absolutely bangin’ new outfit I just got gifted from Transit <3

Ideal Sunday? Early morning market, Hush at 7.30AM, back home to cuddle my cat, painting/sketching, writing, beach or pub in the afternoon, and photographing the whole day.

Favourite font/style? I’m a design student so I’m going through font crushes! I love Futura and Avenir right now, but my new business cards are Bodoni.

Current soundtrack? Easyyyyy. Explosions in the Sky -The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Favourite colour palette? Browns/Tans/Creams/Neutral

Where can we find you online? 
(My favourite!) www.instagram.com/naomiground
Website: www.naomicraigs.net


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January 22, 2018

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