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I’m back with another rad interview with a gal that I’ve admired online for forever. For those of you who don’t know her, Jade is an author, Youtuber and excellent cook (among many other things) and was lovely enough to let me pick her brain on, well, everything.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jade, I am 23 years old and I feel pretty good right about now!

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You’re lucky enough to live in stunning old Byron Bay. When did you first visit Byron, and did you ever have one of those lightbulb moments where you knew you wanted to live there?

I am, I feel so lucky to live here! I first came here when I was 15 I think! So a while ago now. Last year we returned and I just knew this was where I needed to be.


What is home to you?

A comfortable space with my husband near some trees! 


Why did you decide to go vegan and did you face any obstacles during the transition?

I watched a documentary named Earthlings and went vegetarian immediately. A year later I watched The Best Speech Ever by Gary Yourovsky on YouTube and it blew me away. I went vegan with my husband and never looked back. I haven’t experienced any struggles! 

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How would you describe your personal style (which is fantastic, by the way!)?

Why thank you! I don’t know if I would really say I have a style…I more so just wear whatever is comfortable! I love bright colours but also lots of neutrals! I just love to be comfy! 


Between producing content for your youtube channel, blog, ebooks, running your instagram and having a regular job, you sound like you have a pretty busy schedule. How important do you think it is to have ‘me time’, and how have you implemented it in your day-to-day?

When you say it like that, I do sound pretty busy! I think me time is so important. For me, that is just relaxing in bed and watching Netflix, or baking/creating food. I love to wind down and just relax and try to be present as much as possible! 


What’s your ideal Sunday morning?

Sleeping in till 8:30am, then walking to the beach for a swim followed by a lay in the sun, some delicious waffles and being with my loved ones. 


You regularly speak about gratitude on your insta; how has the practice of gratitude changed your mindset? 

Gratitude is such a major part of my life. Since my little brother passed away in January, I just feel so so so grateful for every piece of my life because I know how truly precious life is. 


After watching your video on manifestation I was not only blown away by what the mind can do, but also completely in awe with all that you’ve achieved through it in such a short space of time. Do you have any advice for first time manifesters? Any good books, channels, etc.?

Thank you! I read The Secret a few years ago and it really stuck with me. The law of attraction is so fascinating  and just really powerful! I suggest checking out The Secret (book or film format)! 


You currently have 2 ebooks available with a third on the way, can you give us a quick run through on the creation of them?

I sure do! I am excited for this next one. I’m trying really hard to get it happening as soon as possible! Basically I have the idea, then I just jot down a bit of a structure – then brainstorm/create recipes, photograph them, write and then put it all together! It’s a bit of a task but I have some spare time coming up so I look forward to finishing it! 


What sparked your love of cooking and what’s the best/favourite dish you’ve created so far?

I think going vegetarian really sparked my interest! Before that, I could only make scrambled eggs – haha! I think I just had to get experimental with everything!

I love my cheesy pasta bake which will be in my new book, and The Green Fun Bowl from The Goodness Guide – it’s a crowd favourite! 


You’ve recently visited Hawaii, Bali and India (lucky thing!), has there been a particular standout place or event for you during your recent travels? Have they all been what you imagined/expected?

I feel so lucky to have seen so many gorgeous places this year. I really loved Hawaii – more specifically Kauai. It was stunning! India was super different too, very confronting but there was a lot of beauty when I would seek it!  


What’s married life like, and do you find it any different from just being in a relationship with your partner?

Not at all – it’s more or less the same I believe. We love each other more each and every day. So it’s just a bonus we got to have an amazing loved up party to celebrate our love! 


What was it like living in a van for all of those weeks? Do you have any tips for someone wanting to dive into #vanlife?

It was fun! We were in the Van on and off from March-May, there was some pretty full on rain and flooding though so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we hoped for a period of time! I really liked it though for the most part. I do prefer having a kitchen and bathroom though!


Quick Questions:

What camera gear do you use?

Canon 6d with a 50mm + 24-105mm lens kit. 


Best place to eat in Byron?

The Beet!

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Favourite place?

That’s too tough to answer…!


Go to winter meal?

A nice, warm soup!


Current soundtrack?

My new playlist on Spotify.


🙂 xxx

Love & Light


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July 10, 2017

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