Bands that I’ll love forever

There are some things that simply never go out of style. Doc Martens. Leather jackets. A red lip. Ray Bans. Fresh flowers. Clean sheets. Orange juice. You get the gist.

Among these timeless items, are a special group of groups. The people whose songs and lyrics and instrumental pieces are always amazing. You can hear them for the first time as a child, and dance along sillily, and then rekindle the flame in your teenage years, when you’re going through that phase of liking stuff that nobody else likes right now. And then, years later, you hear it again in the pub or the car or on a random Spotify playlist. You smile fondly. You sing along badly. If you’re feeling groovy, you might do some foot tapping and a bit of air guitar. For approximately three minutes and thirty seconds, you’re in a state of bliss.

Music always has been, and shall always remain, a huge part of my life. It’s the foundation of my upbringing, the influence of my tastes, my style, my personality. It’s connected me with people I would otherwise never have met. I have seen my idols live, and danced in sync with them. I have even met a couple of them (gawked awkwardly, said I loved their music – the usual witty banter). I’m yet to find anything as transfixing and euphoric as dancing in a crowd of joyous souls, chanting along to a brilliant song.

With this hefty realisation looming over my existence, it’s rather comforting to know that plenty of bands stand the test of time with me. In other words, we’ve been through a lot together. Plane rides. Overseas holidays. Camping trips. Break ups. New friends. Moving. Driving. Studying. Dancing. Drinking. The birth of my baby brother. You name it, there’s a song, band or playlist that accompanies that moment in my life. 

So, without any further rambling, here is my list. Some of it anyway. I’m never going to remember them all at the same moment (what an intense task!), but here are some of the greats that have been with me through it all. I’m 24, and I’ve loved some of these guys for 20 odd years (okay, so a couple, most for a solid 8-15). I hope we can continue our love affair right to the end. 

Blink 182*

Goo Goo Dolls


Matchbox 20

Savage Garden

The Amity Affliction*

The Getaway Plan*

Foo Fighters*

The All-American Rejects

The Calling (Wherever You Will Go)

Fall Out Boy

The Fray

Howie Day (Collide)

In Hearts Wake*

The Killers

The Kooks*

Mayday Parade*


Panic! At The Disco



Two Door Cinema Club

The Wombats*

You Me At Six*


* Indicates the wonderful nights I have spent seeing these legends live. 

I think I’ll update this list every 5 or so years, to see what bands continue to come along on this journey of life, and which ones I abandoned after a season or two.

Till next time,

Viv  xo


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February 26, 2018

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