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Despite Brisbane fooling me into thinking that summer is noottttttt quite here yet (that’s right, last Monday I was running around the city in a denim jacket. IN NOVEMBER. It was glorious), the recent weather patterns up here in Cairns have unfortunately confirmed that yes, it is DEFINITELY SUMMER NOW. So say goodbye to your favourite leather anything and start preparing to pay off that painful electricity bill three months from now.

So as an ode to Australia’s favourite season (I politely disagree with this label), here are some random products and tips that you should consider looking into over the next few humidified months:

[NOTE: If you are currently in the Northern Hemisphere right now with a nice cup of hot chocolate wearing your favourite Christmas sweater, then feel free to email me to arrange a life swap].


#1: The ‘Roundie’ Towel (via: The Beach People)

If you haven’t already snagged one of these beauties then you definitely need to – now! Before they all sell out again. I remember begging my parents for one last Christmas and sending them links to Every. Possible. Stockist. just to make sure that they could get their hands on the right print (yes, I still give my parents specific Christmas wish lists. It’s the easiest way). I got the Majorelle print, in case you were wondering. And yes, it is still available and looks as beautiful in real life as it does on Insta.

I guess you could say they are kind of expensive “for a towel” ($110), but I like to look at is as an investment piece that will get used pretty regularly over its lifetime. The quality of them are truly impressive, with even the fringing still remaining in tact after multiple beach trips and cycles in the machine. And if you still need convincing, then you’ll be proud to know that The Beach People are an Australian company, so there’s a perfect excuse to support your local this summer (or Christmas). Especially when they make giant, ROUND, trendy towels that everyone is instantly envious of when you lay it out. They’ve also recently released their new collection, featuring five new, bold designs, so pop on over to their online store and check out the goodness for yourself.

Image via The Beach People

Note: love the look but not the price tag? Companies like Cotton On have jumped on the roundie bandwagon, and now stock their own version in stores and online. You’re welcome.


#2: The Blow Up Pool

This plan does require a backyard to set up in, so if you’ve got one, head to your local Kmart and pick yourself up one of these lifesavers. Sure, they’re no in-ground hotel pool, but if you don’t have easy access to the beach and the thought of even looking at the local pool during summer gives you the creeps, then this is the best solution for you.

And the best part? No permits required (I think): just a hose, some cold beverages, and if you’re feeling really generous, your best mate or two. Just make sure to keep it covered or emptied when it’s not in use, because mosquitos don’t need ANOTHER reason to come and harass us this season.


#3: The Perfect Sunhat

Now that hats have well and truly made a comeback, us girls can rest easy during the hotter months. Gone are the days where we had to resort to stealing our brother’s/boyfriend’s/father’s caps – or worse, our old school hats! – when we didn’t feel like getting our faces burnt off (our ears were regretfully left to fend for themselves during this period), and boy am I glad about that!

My personal favourite sunhat is my ‘The Spencer’ wide brimmed boater from Lack of Color. Stylish and straw, two words that I am never able to put together to describe anything… except this hat. You’ve probably seen it plastered all over social media since it dropped in their SS 15 collection, and it sits proudly on my hat stand with two other fedoras from LOC. Lack of Color has been my favourite hat brand for some time, and although I am a tad smitten/bias you can’t deny that they are killing it in the industry at the moment.

Fallen Broken Street is also another one of my faves (their ‘The Sea’ style has been on my wish list for ever) and Princess Polly always seems to have a good assortment of styles if you’re looking for an affordable online option. If you haven’t worked it out yet, sun safety (and feeling fab) is key to a successful day out in this heat, so now you have a valid excuse to give your PayPal account a well deserved workout.

Putting my LOC boater to good use earlier this year, $69.
‘The Sea’ in Navy by Fallen Broken Street, $89.95.
The ‘Piper Hat’ by Brixton, $100. Available at Princess Polly.


#4: The Feel Good Playlist

Nothing screams summer like bonfires, pool parties, beach trips and countless, but sticky, adventures with your friends. And what is present during every single one of these activities (or should be!)? Music.

If you’re like me and not really into the Top 50 Countdown, then Triple J is the radio station for you. I’ve had to stop listening to it in the car because I spent more time Shazaming than driving (sorry Mum), but THANKFULLY you can also stream it live online or listen to their podcasts later on. Which is super convenient (and a lot safer) if you’re at home and can’t decide what to listen to.

If radio’s not your thing, but you still want to find some fresh new tunes to add to your daily playlist, then look no further than Spotify. I personally prefer the computer version, but that’s mostly because I’m stingy and don’t pay (and therefore am only allowed to listen to playlists on shuffle on my phone. Ahh, good old first world problems!). Aside from our little disagreement, Spotify is the best place to visit when you’re wanting to discover new music from pretty much any genre (it even has an ‘Australian Sound’ playlist that gets updated regularly).

I won’t harp on too much about it, because if you’re reading this then you have internet and are probably already aware of how rad it is. But it is really true what they say: every adventure needs the perfect playlist (I totally made that up) – so get creating yours!


#5: Meet your new BFF – your local event guide

If there’s one good thing about summer, then it’s all of the activities and events that are thrown over these scorching months. There are festivals organised all over the countryside, as well as family-friendly school holiday activities and the last few music gigs of the year. Your local newspaper or council website usually has a list of what’s on when and where, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out in case ticket numbers are limited (something I’ve learnt the hard way).

If you’re like me and don’t mind getting on a plane to see your favourite band (hello, The Amity Affliction and A Day to Remember next month – yay!), then check out the major ticket-selling websites for your country (for me it’s Moshtix, Ticketmaster and Ticketlink) or Triple J’s Gig Guide, which always has the latest info for festivals, concerts and gigs Australia-wide.

Whatever you choose to do with your summer, remember to drink responsibly and wear sunscreen!


And there you have it, folks – my ridiculously rambling Top 5 Summer Essentials for 15/16. I hope I have managed to inspired you to stop mourning the loss of your jumpers (there’s always next year) and embrace having frizzy hair for the next few months (I don’t expect anyone to enjoy that one). Feel free to drop a comment with any cool products or essentials that you’ll be using this summer, and try not to blow up your air cons in the process!


Till next time,




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November 23, 2015

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