It will go down on record that I spent the summer of 2017 laying on the couch watching movies. I felt crap, it was too hot, I had lots of free time…pick an excuse. What came of it, was something a little more magical. 

Over the past few years, I have slowly been making my way through classic 80’s and 90’s films. Ya know, all the ones that were huge BEFORE I was born. During my break, I finally bit the bullet and watched When Harry Met Sally and fell instantly in love. The movie was adorable and perfect and I could watch it forever without tiring, but what really blew me away was how much of a babe Meg Ryan was! Not only was she completely charming and cute, but her hair was AMAZING and her wardrobe was on another level. It kind of really isn’t far, but let’s move on from that. 

I have officially made this image my style guide for 2018:


Watching When Harry Met Sally has confirmed that the basis of my style is truly cemented in late 80’s and 90’s fashion, and boy and I disappointed that I missed out wearing this stuff when it was cool the first time round. Now, a good pair of high-waisted jeans are a minimum of $80, and I have to scourge through the racks to find the perfect funnel neck jumper. 

If my hair could go that bouncy, I would be wearing it like that today. Meg truly rules in the fringe department, and I love how her character was so minimally made up, giving her the illustrious “I don’t overly care about fashion but I always look phenomenal” kind of vibes. 

Now I’m just going to shut up and let you drink in all the fabness that is Sally Albright’s wardrobe (plus a few sneaky press shots and some from Sleepless in Seattle – I just couldn’t resist!). 












Till next time,

Viv xo


January 15, 2018

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