Is it socially acceptable for these favourites posts to be posted in the next month? I dunno, but here’s all the cool stuff I’ve been loving/ have discovered in the first month of Spring (ugh).


Beauty: Lush “Enzymion” Face Moisturiser


After getting a tad too sunkissed in Byron on my holiday, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a proper moisturiser that would actually suit my skin type. In walks Enzymion from Lush, whose name I’m still not entirely sure how to pronounce, so instead I just tell people “you NEED to try this Lush moisturiser, it’s amazing!” and shove the container in their face. For a reasonable $34.95 this moisturiser has actually changed my life, and I no longer dread the application of moisturiser after a nightly shower. If you live in such a humid climate as I do, then you’ll understand how most moisturisers just tend to make my skin feel oily, and having a thick layer of cream on your face in this heat is NOT fun. I chatted about all of this and more to one of the girls at Lush Chermside and they recommended what has become the perfect moisturiser for me. And if you didn’t know, moisturising is one of the most important parts of a skincare routine, so it definitely pays to go and do some research and get advice from someone who isn’t on the sales rack at Coles.



September was a month full to the brim of new musical downloads, a killer time at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Fest (post to come soon!) and a magical night seeing Bring Me The Horizon at Riverstage in Brisbane. Because I was on holidays, music became a constant in my daily life, even more so than it already is. I was listening to it on planes, trains, Ubers, trams, walking, cars… Whatever I was doing, I had my travel mix on shuffle as the perfect soundtrack for my adventures. Some new tunes I was especially loving were:


TV: The Wrong Girl


I am currently in one of those TV ruts where you’ve got 5 of your different shows bringing out new seasons, or you’re still a season behind and you simply don’t know where to begin. To cure my woes, in stumbled “The Wrong Girl”, whose pilot premiered last week and I am already obsessed. I’ve been waiting for months for it to be released, and I was so excited to finally see one of Zoe Foster-Blake’s clever novels bought to life. Even though I am yet to read the book, the show is everything I wanted and more. Funny, witty, quirky, set in the ever-cool city of Melbourne and the main character, Lily, has the cutest wardrobe! It’s currently streaming on here so definitely go and give it a watch!



Again, because I was on holiday (not trying to rub it in, I promise!) I managed to finally have some downtime to complete one of my favourite activities: reading. In fact, I read 2.5 books in just over a week, so I think I had a pretty good crack at it.

First up was The Younger Man by Zoe Foster-Blake, which I quickly devoured, because ZFB is a goddess/deserves a Nobel prize when it comes to writing. Her style is so witty and charming and the characters in The Younger Man had such a cool, glamourous-yet realistic vibe. Even though I’m not in the same point in my life as the main character, Abby, (i.e. 30’s, cute apartment, successful business, planning a 6 week holiday to Europe) I found she was completely relatable and I closed the book being completely jealous of how everything worked out for her.

Next was The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Haploid, which I had seen on the bookshelves of virtually every store I walked into. Now, I actually really enjoyed this book but the cover/blurb did kind of put me off a little at first. Not because it looked boring or crappy, but because it seemed like another teen romance over summer and I was simply looking for something a little more unique. But alas, I still bought it and decided to have an open mind about what it might contain. And boy, does that blurb lead you astray! The Square Root Of Summer was actually a really creative, whimsical and relatable story that helps you understand some of the basic laws of physics along the way. Definitely not what I expected, but it just goes to prove – never judge a book by its cover!


Fashion: Sequins and Sailor’s Caps


In case you weren’t already aware – I have a major obsession with glitter. All things glittery, in fact. And this love has now stemmed (naturally) to sequins, particularly the colour changing and matte varieties. Do I actually own anything with sequins on it? Well, no. Not yet, anyway. But hasn’t stopped me from pinning every cute and sparkly outfit that comes up on my feed. And sailor’s caps have been on my radar ever since Splendour last year, and after months of pining I FINALLY got my hands on a Brixton cap back in April…only to wear it a couple of times since. Until my holiday, that is. Turns out it was the perfect disguise for crazy rain hair, and it managed to miraculously tame the fringe and ya know, just make me look 10x cooler along the way.


Hairstyles: My New Fringe


So if you happen to follow me on Instagram then you would’ve seen the new mop of hair that now adorns my forehead. At first I was a little “how the heck do I style this thing?” but after a few weeks together we have slowly created a harmonious styling situation. I have wanted a full front fringe for AGES, but have had some shitty fringe experiences in the past and was unsure about whether or not I would actually be bothered to style and look after it everyday. Still not being completely sure about the latter, I walked into the hairdressers’ and took the leap. Now that it’s grown out a little, and has gotten used to the heat (trust me, my hair is more sensitive and temperamental than a teething baby) we are finally friends! And it even cooperates with my quite bulky framed glasses – result! Plus, if your fringe looks good then it makes the rest of your hair look good (even if you’ve had it in the same ponytail for the last 3 days), so really it’s happy days all round. And on days when everything looks like a mess, I simply tell myself that I’m channeling Joyce from Stranger Things, who was definitely a style influence for this change. So if you’ve been considering getting a fringe but have been scared about how it will look/how hard it will be to maintain – DON’T STRESS, because if I can tame one anyone can 🙂


Interiors: Fairy Lights – EVERYWHERE

Image via Pinterest

I have always been a lover of fairy lights and cute lamps (don’t even get me STARTED on pendant lights – I could gawk at those things all damn day) but ever since watching Stranger Things (yes, I am still obsessed after the second time of watching) and seeing the Byers’ household being haphazardly covered in them, well, I kinda wanted to do the same. But the reality of aesthetics and power bills brought me down to earth, and I’ve settled with pinning/screenshotting a shit load of inspo pictures and adding a 2 pairs to my room. Hot tip: buy some battery operated ones! That way you can stick them anywhere and don’t have to worry about that big ass power bill at the end of the quarter. Hot tip #2: Christmas in retail has officially begun, so the fairy light selection in your local department store will sure to have quadrupled in the last few weeks – so get out there and buy all the cute ones before the adults do.


Design: Palm Print

This is something I honestly thought I’d never get into, but I’ve been momentarily won over. Maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE, or maybe it’s because the recent, fresh takes on the trend are just genuinely REALLY GOOD. Either way, I am one Pin away from decking out my bed in palm print sheets, and maybe some cushions for the couch, or maybe I could completely recover the couch… That probably won’t happen, but it’s definitely a style that I’ve slowly grown to love, and I like despite being a typical summer print, it doesn’t HAVE to be summery. Does that make sense? Ah, who knows.


Till next week friends,

Viv x


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October 10, 2016

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