AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I started this post just a casual ten months ago, but I still think it is just as relevant now as it was then. Hell, when ISN’T the saving vs. spending debate rattling through our heads? Anyway, this one’s for all the gals and guys who would rather have a closet full of delicious clothes rather than a beefed up bank account. Enjoy! x


June, 2015

With a month until my Byron holiday, I am frequently being faced with the dilemma of buying something cute vs. saving extra cash for the holiday. So far, impulse buying has won. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know what it is about fashion at this time of year, but it is particularly grand. I am finding nice things EVERYWHERE I turn (don’t even get me started on the online stores) and it is absolutely draining my bank account.

I’m trying to be good, I swear (um, well, kind of) but it’s so easy to justify the “oh, I’ll just wear that in Byron (or Bali)” card. Shopping FOR the vacation is a thing, right?


April, 2016

Soooooooo……not much has changed. It’s a month until Groovin and I officially began my ‘holy shit I have so much to do/organise/what the fuck do I wear?!’ freak out last night, and although I ticked the outfit off my list (hooray) there’s still the whole saving-money-to-later-spend thing that I have to worry about.

Actually, let’s rewind for a second back to the outfit…

Now, if any of you are like me, then one of your favourite things to do is to skulk around shopping centres and endlessly scroll through online stores and instagram searching for inspiration/the elements to make your perfect festival outfit. It’s not an easy task, and certainly not a quick one, but there’s no better feeling than finding an absolute gem and it’s in your size and you can actually afford to buy it right now *overexcited girly squeals*!

However, last night I took a slightly different approach to creating my Groovin get-up. Usually I completely disregard whatever’s already in my wardrobe, because I am one of those people who only wears 20% of the clothes that she owns because the other 80% are jumpers and fancy dresses that I’ll probably never wear (but are too darn pretty to get rid of).

My first thought was: ‘Shit, I’ve only got two more pays until Groovin’. The second was: ‘nothing I’ve seen screams “Groovin 2016” in any of my go-to shops lately’. The third: ‘I don’t want to look too dressed up, but I also want to look cute and still be cool because it’s Townsville and it’s always a scorcher of a day’. Which is how I ended up tearing through my wardrobe at 11pm on a Monday night, trying to get creative with my go-to staples.

The result? A cute camisole (op-shop score), open blouse over the top, a favourite pair of high-waisted denim shorts, my trusty black belt and ever-faithful Docs. I’m hoping to accessorise it with this cute Brixton hat (fingers crossed that it fits!) and maybe some iamu metallic tattoos or glitter. Simple, but effective.

The best thing about this outfit is that I’m only spending money on a hat (always a valuable purchase) and a container of glitter that will easily last me months.

Of course, Groovin is a relatively relaxed festival in terms of it’s patrons’ fashion choices, with many of the gals opting to wear the smallest crops/shorts that they can possibly get away with (and hey, if that’s what you feel comfortable in, then good for you 🙂 ) but I like to settle somewhere in between my everyday outfits and shit I’d wear out to town (which again, is a little more eclectic than what’s deemed acceptable in Cairns, but fuck it).

Hopefully I don’t get a bee in my bonnet and change my mind last minute, or go to Townsville and impulse buy a completely new outfit (*cough* me @ Splendour 2015) because now I can save for the really important things like ciders and hot chips and maybe some festival merch.

So, what was I trying to say with this post? Well, I really have no idea. BUT, if you’ve got a cool event coming up, maybe try searching through what you already own before going out and blowing your cash on a cute outfit that you’re only going to wear the once. Even if you just use a base piece, such as a pair of shorts or a jacket, and work your outfit around that, you’re already saving valuable cash that could be spent on the day.

If you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, or simply not show up wearing the same City Beach-sourced outfit as 50 others girls there, then op-shops and vintage stores are going to be your best friend. Full of cheap, quirky, one-off pieces, these grungy little havens are sure to deliver the goods, so even if you never wear that sequinned dress again, at least you bought it for a fraction of the price!

Or, if like a lot of us, you’re a broke uni student and simply can’t afford to go out and buy the trendiest outfit on the rack, then accessories are for you. Hats, jewellery, metallic tattoos, glitter…all of these guys can spice up your outfit (plus the other 80 that didn’t make the cut) and are usually a bit more bank account-friendly. When in doubt, raid your friends’ wardrobes! You never know what treasures your gal-pals may have lying around.


Image via Pinterest
Image via iamu collective
Image via Spell and the Gypsy Collective
Annalise McLachlan @ Blues Fest 2016. Shot by Mel Carrero


Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for whatever up-and-coming adventures you’ve got planned over the next few months 🙂 I’ll try and sneak another one of these festival-inspired posts in before Splendour springs upon us (let’s all pray that I can secure/afford tickets again this year) with a little more radical inspo/ideas.


Until next time,

Viv   x



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April 5, 2016

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