Okay, so I nearly took down my last post, oh let’s say, only about 6 hours after I wrote it. Sometimes we can get a little lost within the negativity of a situation, and let the bad things get the better of us, which is what all you guys had to witness on Thursday (sorry, again). I was definitely having “one of those days” where I would’ve rather been sitting on the beach with a good book and a cocktail but unfortunately life just isn’t like that when you’re 20. At least not every day of the year.

ANYYYYWAAAYY, after some good old-fashioned venting/blogging on Thursday I pulled my shit together and went to a five-hour cram session with my uni course coordinator, which was not only highly enlightening, but calmed my nerves immensely. And out of all things, she even complemented me on the quality of my previous assignments. ME, out of thousands of students! She actually admires how I write and said that she didn’t expect me to look so cool and young. Which is an insane compliment. If there something radder than a teacher with 20+ years experience saying I’m a good writer AND I look groovy, then please, tell me what it is. I literally walked into the bathroom with the biggest grin on my face. I went from “how do I go about unenroling and will work give me more shifts and how will I pay off my debts without that scholarship?” to “OK, I’ve got this shit, I must be doing something right if I’m getting compliments on assignments that I’ve pulled out of my ear the day before their due”.

So no, I’m not cocky and feeling like a know-it-all, but it was definitely the confidence boost that I needed that day. I don’t really know what I believe in in terms of a higher power or anything like that, but I definitely think that the universe had my back that day. I try to be as grateful as possible and send out positive thoughts when things are going radly, so I guess that the scales balanced out and I got something good back when I was feeling low.

So the moral of this not-so-exciting story is that even if you think it’s ridiculous and useless (I know I used to) always, always, ALWAYS, try to be as grateful and happy as possible about the things that are going well for you. And if you remember, send a little thank you to the forces out there that have your back, because you never know when those good vibes that you send out will return when you need them most.

To add to this surprisingly sappy post, I’m going to post 3 things that I was grateful about today *insert peace sign emoji*

1. My ‘seek adventure’ tattoo that is finally 100% healed and looks FANTASTIC

2. ‘Hold Back The River’ by James Bay played at work today, and I was actually in a position to sing along to it (usually I’m talking to customers and have to stop myself from singing mid-sentence, haha)

3. I am going out for Mexican tomorrow night with my fabulous best friend and she says the watermelon margaritas at the restaurant are excellent

Well that’s all from me. I know this was a pretty short and random post, but I just thought that I would point out that I’m not a total sook and I will do my best to keep my posts on here upbeat and happy. But for now – bed!



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March 28, 2015

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