Hi guys!

I just want to start off by apologising for my recent hiatus from the blogging world. Life has well and truly kicked me in the ass these past couple of weeks, and it’s finally safe to say that things are settled (for now – haha).
So what the hell have I been doing? you may ask. Well, it’s unfortunately not remarkable or exciting. There were no road trips, no summer flings, not even a single beach day. Just good, old fashioned uni assignments and assisting my parents in moving house.
Now, we worked it out that at the age of 20, I have lived in 15 different houses. Which means I’ve had to pack my shit completely 15 bloody times (some were easier than others) and relocate and begin a new routine. I’m definitely not complaining, but I like to think that this makes me somewhat of a removals expert.
Man was I wrong!
I’ve never fully participated in an entire house move, and exhausting is a nice way to describe it. I was also bonkers enough to sign up to do a vacate clean on our old place for some extra cash, and the money basically kept me alive in those 8-10 gruelling hours of sweating my guts out.
I sound like a total whinger right now, but I’m not trying to be. We did what had to be done, in a very short time frame.
So now we are all settled in at our new temporary abode (a giant shed until my brother & I move out/my parents build the new house) which involves living out of a suitcase (again) and not having any wifi or reception inside the erm, shed (rural living is tough you know!). So even when I’ve wanted to blog, I just haven’t been able to – on the laptop at least. I’m currently using the WordPress app so I’m praying to the Internet gods that this saves/uploads.
In other news, I finally started at my new job (at Spotlight – any Aussies should know what it is. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a giant store with homewares, Manchester, craft supplies, interior decor and a shitload of fabric. I love it. All the employees drink tea. I have found my home) and fingers crossed my brother and I get the unit we applied for. Then it’s time for adult living – round 2.
I know this post is probably insanely boring to most, but I have been doing a lot of reading lately (4 books in 2 weeks – despite the move) and I’m starting to feel like my old, chatty/writer self. I’m feeling inspired again and I love it. Taking this year to be by myself is the best decision I ever made (among some others hah).
So I’ll end this post with a strong recommendation to read “All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven because it’s beautiful and witty and sad and realistic and heartwarming all at the same time. It was one of those lovely novels that truly makes you appreciate the little things.
Enjoy the rest of your week! Hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with some more relative content.

Vivienne xo

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January 27, 2015

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