2015 was an adventurous year, to say the least. I had finally broke free of my first long haul (disastrous) relationship and had moved away from my hometown for good. I was living out of home and had a job and a car and I felt pretty darn invincible.

No adventure was too small or unworthy. I once did a road trip to Townsville just to pick up a bed frame (and ended up driving home VERY hungover). I would go to the beach more than I do now, and regularly take myself out for breakfast on my days off.

I was discovering what it meant to be a single, 19 year old women with complete freedom – and boy, was it awesome.

These snaps were taken on a day out with my two brothers. We were babysitting Harry and decided to take him to Palm Cove for a swim and some lunch, then off to Barron Gorge to enjoy its vastness.

It took me 3 years to get this roll developed, and I’m quite proud of it for holding on so long and producing such beautiful images. The colours are really quite something, and the effect of film will never be boring to me.

Enjoy x

Baby waterfall


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March 19, 2018

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