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So I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon to discuss my monthly ‘favourites’. Although to be perfectly honest, when something becomes a favourite of mine, I am obsessed with it every month. But alas, we shall give this a whirl, and hopefully it can give you guys some inspiration or help you (re)discover something groovy. To start off, I’ve just picked a bunch of random categories that I like reading/watching about when other people do favourites posts, so hopefully they are interesting for you too.

P.S. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that time when I dyed my hair pink with food colouring and actually had Photoshop. And had time to take ‘arty’ photos for ‘fun’ and to ‘experiment’. Ah, those were the days!




I’m a pretty avid reader, and try to be reading SOMETHING every couple of days – whether that be a book, a magazine or one of my favourite blogs, but with how ridiculously crazy life has been lately, I’ve slowed down a LOT. 


Mag: Collective Hub


Honestly, this is my favourite magazine EVERY month. It provides such a unique mix of business and the creative industries, and has tonnes of relevant advice, stunning ‘Artist Takeovers’ and down right inspiring content.


Book: Skullduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy


I decided last month to re-read this badass series, partly because I had hit a wall in what to read next, and also because I am not allowing myself to purchase the last book until I’ve read all the others. So ultimately it’s a win-win for me. If you haven’t read it, then DO. The 10 part series follows the adventures of Valkyrie Cain, a girl unexpectedly thrown into a secret world of magic, and Skullduggery Pleasant, her witty partner in (solving) crime who is a) magic b) dead and c) a walking, talking skeleton. If I haven’t convinced you then you’ve probably got shit taste or I’m just rubbish at summaries (most likely true) so head on over to your local bookstore to check out the radness for yourself. 


Blog: Fashion Slave by Sophie Milner 


I have quite a few blogs that I regularly check and read (for which I shall do another post on soon!) but for the last few months in particular, I have been LOVING Fashion Slave. Sophie’s blog is a cleverly curated mix of on-trend yet personalised fashion posts and genuinely interesting and witty lifestyle posts (many topics of which we have all thought about but hardly anyone has had the guts to write about). She’s based in London, and regularly makes me want to pack a bag and jump on the next plane to the UK (despite how un-summery their summer may be). Definitely take some time out to peruse her site – you’ll find yourself laughing and nodding along in no time.





Band: Catfish and the Bottlemen 


I have been absolutely melting over these Welsh babes lately. I’m absolutely shit at describing the genre of a band, or how their music sounds, but I will say this – Van’s voice is just as dreamy live as it is on record. I have been playing ‘Cocoon’ over and over and over (both the album version and the live piece they recorded on Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’ last year), ‘Soundcheck’ (from their new album, which I am literally listening to as I type this – and loving every bit of it. Well done, lads!) and their acoustic cover of The Killers’ ‘Read My Mind’ (also from their session on Like a Version)


Other Lovely Songs:

Fill the Field feat. Jolie – Tinker (which is also available for free download on their Soundcloud – bonus!)

When Everything Was New – Flume (actually, his whole new album ‘Skin’ is just magical)

‘So Into You’ cover – Childish Gambino

I Bring The Weather With Me – The Amity Affliction

The Girl – City and Colour

Hoops – The Rubens

Follow You – Bring Me The Horizon 

Shine On – The Amity Affliction (always Amity <3) 


OK, I better stop before I rattle off my entire playlist, haha. 



My instagram feed is about 40% artists (many whom are Australian and I have bought pieces from – which is kinda one of my favourite things to do. Support local artists is a super great thing to do, and believe me, the quality of the prints are worth every extra cent!) so I’m regularly stalking their pages and trying (not so successfully) to resist buying their prints. Again, I need to do another post on this (because I could go on FOREVER), but here are a couple of artists that are giving me heart eyes during this cold and rainy month.


Joel Birch


I have been obsessed with Joel’s work for as long as I can remember. Not only is he the lead singer and songwriter for my favourite band, The Amity Affliction; but Joel is a ridiculously talented film photographer, graffiti artist and typographer. He is best known in the ‘art world’ for his typography prints, many of which are his own song lyrics, that come in limited numbers and are hand-screen-printed right here in Aus. He’s a pretty busy man so his prints are rare yet well adored, but you can regularly find new scribbles posted on his instagram, along with adorable pics of his family and groovy film shots. 


Rik Lee


Rik is another Aussie I’ve been following for quite a few years, who is pretty much living a creative’s dream, living and working in Bali. All of his prints are handmade on recycled paper in Bali, and I can personally say that they are an impeccable quality. His signature style is portraits of cartoon females in a variety of vibrant settings, usually with hair to die for. Not only does he sell top notch art prints, but card sets, colouring books, lapel pins and so many other cute knick nacks. Rik’s instagram is also one of my faves, with plenty of #wip pics and snippets of his clothing brand Rik and Reg.




So it is FINALLY becoming cool enough in Australia to wear JUMPERS and LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS without absolutely DYING of heatstroke in a matter of minutes. And yes, capslock is necessary because I am SO FRIGGING EXCITED. 

Since it’s not actually cold, I’ve just been wearing my ‘summer wardrobe’ (i.e. high waisted shorts, sneakers and a band tee) with either a giant mustard yellow cardigan thrown on OR one of my cozy pullover knits on top. 

I’m also taking advantage of being able to wear my longer overalls without melting, as well as some much loved long sleeve tees (think Flume, Sea Shepard and stripes). But the clear winner this month has been my very Babysitter’s Club-esque outfit (which I am racking up quite a wear count): a basic black long-sleeved turtleneck from Kmart ($10 and was exactly what I wanted!) and a super cute dark blue denim overall dress from Valleygirl. You can kinda see it in this pic, in which I am proudly showing off my gorgeous new baby brother (yay for him finally arriving safe and sound!), and it looks rad with sneakers/boots/Docs/basically anything because it is the best outfit in my closet, possibly ever.

I should probably do an honourable mention to my new glasses from Specsavers (also pictured) which are a completely different style to any of my previous pairs, but I’m really glad I took the leap and got something a little more quirky this time. 



And presto – the post is actually finished! Big thanks if you managed to get all the way through, and I’d love to know what things you’re loving this month – or in general – as I’m always on the hunt for new music/reads/artists to follow.


Till next time, 

Viv x 

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June 20, 2016

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