Today is the first time in a LONG time where I haven’t had anything scheduled on the blog. I briefly thought about it yesterday, but assumed I had a back up post lying around…but I didn’t. 

I feel like I’ve definitely dropped the ball (man, I hate that expression) with all things non-essential. I’ve been doing the bare minimum at uni, struggling not to fall asleep whenever I sit down after a work day, and have been very lousy on the cooking front. 

I haven’t looked at my goals list in quite a while, but it’s kind of at that point where I’m no longer holding it against myself and throwing all caution and care to the wind. I’ll most likely do an assessment on the blog next week, so stay tuned for how dismally I may or may not have gone with those #2017goals.

On the home life front, things have been busy. My weekends have been filled with shopping trips and outings and visits and catch ups, and it’s been really bloody lovely. James and I finally found a spot at a beach that we both like, so we’re planning regular trips there for Sunday afternoon hot chips. 

We’re also blitzing through Brooklyn 99, which is definitely a contributing factor to my avoidance of other adulty things (i.e. dusting the ceilings and scanning my reciepts). As I write this I’m staring down the barrel of 2 assignments due and an interstate work Christmas party, which all coincidently are happening this weekend. We’re also supposed to be looking for a new place, and are THIS CLOSE to finishing our Christmas shopping – thank the universe for that!

I wish I had some sort of motivational or inspiring moral to this post – but I don’t. I’m as burnt out as them come – and not because I’ve been hanging out in the sun. I think it’s important to show this side though, to say ‘hey, we can all feel a little crap at times’ and get that all out on paper/electronically and be relieved from it.

It’s currently raining – the first proper storm of the summer. It’s loud and cooling, and endlessly relaxing. I just put my crystals out to cleanse them under the full moon, but now they are getting a freshwater soak as well – perfect. 

As I was driving home today I felt the heat – the true heat of summer. It wasn’t muggy, but it was intense. A solid 33 degrees with storm clouds overhead. It made me immensely nostalgic for the summers of my childhood. You could always tell when the wet season was coming. It would become unbearably hot, to the point where even wearing shoes was too much, so you would retreat to the pool/lake which was equally as warm as the outside air. And then you would wait. Right before the first drops, the scent would change. That first few minutes of rain always have the sweetest smell. I can never quite put my finger on it, but it’s one of my favourite scents in the world (a close tie with new books). 

All of our dry washing is now soaked, and the cat was stranded under the car for a good 20 minutes before we realised where she was. The heat has lifted, and all of the windows are open to hear the wonderful sound of rain hitting the pavement and tin rooves. My plants will certainly be enjoying this. 

I think I’ve rambled enough. This post is completely random, and mostly pointless, but now I can go to bed knowing that I didn’t miss an upload, which is a win to me.

Till next time,


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December 4, 2017

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