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I’m hitting your inboxes/notifications significantly later in the week than usual (thank you, potential whooping cough virus, you’ve been rad) and thought it was only fitting to bring a little inspiration with my tardiness. 

Somehow, we’ve flown through January already. It’s been a whirlwind month of 4 birthdays (including mine and James – reef trip and paintball respectively), 2 gigs, a trip to Brisbane and a persistent flu/virus/bug/general pain in my ass. 

A lot of people are commenting on how 2018 has already been better than the total of 2017 combined, and if that’s the case, my heart goes out to you. 2017 had a lot of highs, lows, and big changes, but so far, 2018 isn’t feeling better or worse (for me, anyway). It’s more of the same really, just with a different number. 

One thing that has remained consistent, thus far, is my love of reading. Last year I made it one of my “goals” to read more; initially, it was a bold goal of 20 minutes per day, which, between Instagram and work, kind of happens anyway, but I was more aiming towards books and magazines and articles that have some substance behind them. I did a round up and realised I read about 32 books last year, which is pretty fricking cool to say. That’s a lot of fucking reading. 

And whilst I’m planning to show you the big ol’ list, including which ones I would recommend and for who, today’s post is based on the online world of words. AKA, the blogging industry. 

Despite writing one and following a lot of creatives, I probably don’t dedicate as much time as I should to reading the blogs of others. Not only are the great for inspiration, both fashion and topic wise, but it’s fascinating to read and view other people’s thought processes, assembled neatly in digital form. Plus, now that I’m deep into my graphic design diploma, I’ll often take the time to peruse their site to look at the technical side of things (i.e. “ooh, I like how that box does that!” etc. etc.) 

So, after what is possibly the longest introduction on record, here are a bunch of online spaces that I regularly seek out, and very much enjoy the content of. 


Alice Catherine



Quite new to the blogging world (running less than 2 years), Alice’s blog has literally taken the industry by storm. Known for her Parisian meets vintage aesthetic, Alice’s style is a curated mix of high street glamour and vintage gems. She has a very whimsical air about her, and I have fallen in love with her raw, eloquent writing style. If you love a good mix of fashion, films, vintage inspo and music recommendations, then Alice is your gal. 


Megan Ellaby



Megan is easily one of my top 3 style icons on the planet. She is always irrevocably herself, and isn’t afraid to test the limits and rock combinations that would make others shiver at. We also have really similar taste in homewares, so it’s been very inspiring watching her decorate her Mancunian city flat, and now dreamy house in a style that is very much after my own heart. If you can’t get enough of her in print, Megan also does weekly uploads on YouTube and happens to be one of my favourite voices on the platform. She is so honest and funny and has built SUCH a fantastic brand for herself, all based on her individuality. 


What Olivia Did



Confession: I absolutely love Liv! She’s so funny and down to earth, and is so sweet it makes me feel like Cruella de Ville some days (haha). I’ve really enjoyed following the evolution of her blog and style, including her fancy new website last year (which I am OBSESSED with), and her work ethic is bloody impressive. There are not many people that put out 4 posts a week that are actually interesting AND enjoyable AND are a perfect mixture of travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Liv and her partner also bought a house last year (congrats guys!) and watching her style each room has given me a serious decorating itch. On top of all of this, her photos are beautiful, her writing witty, and I very much enjoy my regular browse on her site. 


Shot From The Street



Lizzie’s blog is my most recent find, but it’s definitely one I plan to keep in the favourites list for a long time. Based in London, she champions quality over quantity both with her content and personal style. Although a lot of the pieces she wears are completely out of my budget, it’s cool watching her put together outfits that seem quite simple but just effortlessly work. The majority of her photographs are shot on film (swoon), and she has a weekly photography series called My Week on 35mm, which is something I’d very much like to adapt on here in the future (perhaps on a monthly basis though?).


Author’s Note: So I just realised that NONE of these girls are Australian. Also, they are all girls (an interesting revelation, but I’m not really surprised since I tend to gravitate towards content that I relate to). This selection was not intentional, but it’s also pretty enlightening. Aside from being British at heart, counting hot chips, pub trivia and cold beach trips as some of my ideal past times, I think this is due to not really finding anyone in Australia with a similar style to me. This post wasn’t intentionally based on style blogs, but I guess that’s what the majority of the big wigs are these days, and the fantastic writing seems to follow. 

In light of this – if you know of any rad and funky Australian blogs, please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more things to sink my teeth [eyes] into. 


P.S. I really enjoyed rambling and writing this post, so I might make it into a quarterly/bi-annual thing? What do you think? 🙂

Viv  xo


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January 31, 2018

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