I know, I know, you’ve been waiting all week for this, right? The adventures continue in my ramblings below, although I have to warn you – it’s not the most poetic of entries. I had all of these whimsical and magical, inspiration-laden thoughts and ideas whilst running around that lovely city, but of course I barely took a moment to sit down, and when I did, it was usually with a hot drink in hand. Hope you enjoy!


Monday 24th July

I had good intentions – I swear I did. I had planned to document (in detail) my entire trip so I had a proper travel diary to look back and reflect on. Hell, I even busted out a new notebook for that very purpose. In true Vivienne style, I was simply too busy. Or rather, I didn’t stop. Aside from that first morning I spent everyday up and about, only returning home to dump my shopping or get ready for the night ahead. 

This trip was one of my favourite ones ever. I spent the majority of it alone and wasn’t bothered a single bit.

Of course, I spent Friday night with Shiv and her friends who were fantastic and so accepting. We went for drinks and nibbles as Shanghai Village in Chinatown and saw freaking Catfish and the Bottlemen who went above and completely fucking beyond my expectations (they were even better than their records, which is so bloody rare!). I don’t think I’ll ever forget the atmosphere of that night. Everyone seemed so genuinely happy to be there and the crowd was completely enchanted/adoring/in love and holy shit, when they played Cocoon…that was a moment that’s gonna stay with me forever. After the gig we made the sub-zero commute to ABC, which was plenty of laughs and left me with a bastard of a hangover the next day.


I also went to the aquarium on Friday (another outing where I was the only solo person there), which was amazing and would’ve been so peaceful if not for the throngs of children whose parents kept yelling out things ‘not to do’ repetitively.


On Saturday I went to Michael’s, an emporium I first discovered on Thursday and tracked down on Friday to get some film developed and some much-needed advice about my ant-ridden camera. Turns out the fly spray wasn’t too great for it but it may be able to be recovered with a service (may). Anyway, the roll turned out blank, which kind of majorly fucking sucked (but hey, what can ya do?), so armed with a refund I bought a refurbished Nikon and began shooting on that.

Michael’s is probably the coolest store I’ve ever been to for a whole list of reasons, but mainly because, a) the staff are the nicest and most knowledgeable people I have EVER met, b) holy shit their film developing options – I had no idea what to ask for because my local shop doesn’t have any options that aren’t ‘print or disk’, c) they were hosting free workshops and tours all revolving around film photography and I had never seen so many people excited about film (very cute!) and d) their camera museum is STUNNING.

Again, I’d never seen anything like it. I imagine that’s what people feel when they walk into a temple or a church: pure awe. Too bad I was too bloody hungover to hang around and obsess all day. The film lab/dark room tour, however, was something I managed to do and it was amazing. I felt so out of my depth but only because I’d never imagined how much expertise and manpower/time was required to develop and print film. Such a cool day, and if I could go again next year I 100% would, sans the hangover.


State Library


JB Hifi off Elizabeth St (the one off it, not the other three on it haha – I learnt that the hard way) also deserves a shout out for having the best selection of ‘new’ vinyls I’ve ever seen (I had a lot of ‘ever’ experiences, which just proves how fucking cool Melbourne is). I bought three records which was quite a spendy purchase for me (usually I limit myself to one at a time) and I easily could’ve bought 10 more. I got:

The Balcony – Catfish and The Bottlemen

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out – Panic! At The Disco

That’s The Spirit – Bring Me The Horizon

which I am very excited about. Ive left feeling very inspired to play my records more, and work at growing that collection of mine.


Saturday arvo involved a search for Starbucks, finding said Starbucks, ordering multiple drinks and a cupcake (Hangover Hot Tip: just keep eating. And drinking sugary, non-water related things) and sitting down next to the Bachelor himself, Sam Wood. I was awfully curious before I came down as to whether I’d see any celebrities or not and hey, would you look at that. Because I’ve never been obsessed/a stalker I didn’t speak to him (he was giving off allllll the vibes that he wanted to sit in low-key retreat while his girlfriend got them coffees) but he was super nice to the fan girls that wanted pics for their ‘grams with him. Seeing famous people in their everyday habitats has always fascinated me. They really are just as boring as the rest of us (but man, do they have have fantastic skin!) so it’s always funny to watch different people’s reactions when they come in contact with them.

Fast forward to Saturday night: I got majorly distracted in Princess Highway, bought THE MOST funky and fabulous jumpsuit I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and as a result had about 10 minutes for an outfit change/attempt to look alive before catching the tram back into the city. Julie-Anne (my amazingly cool godmother) and I went to this super moody ‘restaurant’ called Golden Monkey in Hardware Lane in the city and had delicious cocktails and dumplings and a well overdue catch up. We were also cheeky enough together MORE food at a Vietnamese place afterwards, and I literally passed out into a food coma when I got home.

Cute as pie Princee Highway jumpsuit

Sunday was more city shopping, searching for all those last minute gifts (because I REFUSE to buy tacky shit) and then around 12 I met up with Tina and we hit up the Rose St Artist’s Markets in Fitzroy (amazing! I bought a candle, a ring, some thank you cards and a pair of earrings, and I NEVER find jewellery that I like so that was a huge win!), got croissants at Lune (delicious! Even if all the flavoured ones were gone) and strolled along Brunswick St, popping in and out of all of the vintage stores and record shops. I also – no surprises – did some ‘serious’ damage at Princess Highway again (I regret NOTHING, those clothes make me feel like a freakin’ goddess!). 

Rose St Artist’s Market

We departed ways due to a potentially expired parking tickets and I got Dad & I some cute record store tees before pigging out at Spud bar. I then got a real bee in my bonnet about wanting to buy my dream pair of Vans – which are as cool and comfortable as I’d imagined – so I dragged myself into the city for those babies and left with said shoes, matching socks, a shower scrub from Lush and a couple of books from Dymocks for Soren and I. I must say, that Dymocks is AMAZING. I easily could’ve spent all day in there (and with a built in coffee shop, why wouldn’t ya?). Last night was a boring picture of me packing, eating curry from Uber Eats and watching Youtube videos. My body was definitely beginning to give up at that point, haha.

And now, here I am, up in the sky heading back to sunny/hot/humid/not Melbourne Cairns again. I always curse myself for not having any relax days on my holidays, but when it’s somewhere that is exciting and I love exploring, why would I? I had planned to do a lot of writing this trip, since Melbourne does bring out the best of my creative side, but again, I was just too busy living. Which I don’t regret one bit. I’m sure the inspiration will stick around now, and if it doesn’t I’ve got a secret recipe as to how to wake it up. 



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August 14, 2017


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