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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I last posted on here (and that last post was more of me whinging than anything). I’d like to say a lot has happened over these past few weeks, but really, aside from some developments in my personal life and me and my best friend acting like smitten 16 year olds all over again, there hasn’t been a lot happening.

Just the usual: work, not doing uni, a few trips here and there. We spent a week at our family’s beach house down at Russell Heads which was absolutely AMAZING and totally blissful. I literally lived in bikinis and overalls, and only got sunburnt on the last day – winning! I really need to make more of an effort to get to that place (it’s accessible only via boat, and although I can steer one, I’m not totally confident with captaining a tinny all by myself), because I am at my happiest and most relaxed when I am there. There’s no internet, mobile reception or TV. You wake with the sun and fall asleep late into the night. It’s honestly the most peaceful place, despite there being around 20 other houses on the island (? Strip of land? I don’t know, it’s hard to explain).

The Beach House is actually good for my soul. I read, I wrote, I coloured in, I swam, I snorkelled, I played board games and a lot of Uno with my cheating little brother, I managed to consume a carton of Rekorderlig ciders over the course of the week (but hey, there’s only 15 bottles in there so I really wasn’t that bad) and I spent a lot of time reflecting on this past year.

It’s been a big one. The best one yet, in my opinion. And it’s only October. I still have my Halloween party, actual Halloween, my best friend’s 21st, Amity, Christmas, my early birthday party on Boxing Day (cheers, Dad) and Bali to look forward to before the year is out. Shit, am I going to be a busy girl.

One thing I am actually disappointed in is how little love I’ve given to this blog. I have big plans for it, genuinely, cool plans. I’m considering just launching it through an actual website just so that I can have all the different pages and creative freedom to make it exactly how I’ve imagined. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is actually a really nice site for a blog, but considering I want to have so many different sections it’s probably easier if I just do it properly the first time and be happy with the end result.

Hopefully my url hasn’t already been snagged up!

But yes, I’m trying to become more inspired. Last night, for the first time in about a year, I actually added some more to a story I’ve been working on since 2010. Usually I just re-read and edit it and smile because of how proud I am (it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself) then get frustrated because there’s a beginning, middle and end but a big chunk missing between the middle and end and I haven’t been able to get in the right headspace to write and……

Anyway, I did it. 4 pages. Sure, it’s not technically that much, but now I actually think that I’ll be able to finish it (my first novel-length story to be finished EVER – I’ve started dozens over the years) and I think I might even try to get it published. I don’t know. I’m pretty terrified at that idea, but also extremely excited because even if no one else likes it it’s something I can say I’ve finally accomplished.

So stay tuned for more news on that front.

I also need to begin the gruelling process of sending out emails to rad people asking if I can interview them for the blog. Which is cool, because it’s the first step towards establishing networks and working with other creatives (particularly in Australia, where there is SO MUCH TALENT but it’s such all so spread out and kind of makes it hard for artists and writers and business owners to connect and collaborate and yeah, I could go on about this all day but I have to go to work soon. All I’m saying is that there is NOTHING here in Cairns – or if there is it’s hiding from me in Gollum’s cave – in terms of workshops or events that can bring like-minded non-academic people together. But more on that later). If I’m being completely honest, I am a little scared of the whole process. I guess it’s because when the potential interviewees will look at this blog, all they will see is the ramblings of a 20 year old girl with some big dreams and a laptop. Hopefully they find that inspiring. Or something. Just please talk to me! Haha.

Alright, well that’s all from me for now. I’m about to start work (as I just said – duh Vivienne) so it’s time to prepare myself for 8 hours in customer service – woo. On a side note: apologies about the Splendour post never making it up. I was three-quarters of the way finished when Safari had a meltdown and closed without the draft being saved. So save your drafts kids, ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I will get it up though. Hopefully even this weekend, if I can get my butt into gear.

Sending good vibes,


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October 8, 2015

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