Christmas rolls around each year – that much is always guaranteed.

What isn’t so solid is whether or not you get a desperately-needed break at the end of the 12 calendar months.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a week or two.

If you work in retail or hospitality or let’s face it – the majority of industries, then you get to keep slumming it until the clock ticks over and it’s officially a new year.

For that, I salute you.

Imagine if we all got the week between Christmas and New Year’s off? All of us?

Sure, a few problems would certainly arise, but overall it would be bloody spectacular.

A whole week off with no obligations, no pressure and not having to fake your energy levels (which, let’s be honest, plummeted in November).

We could laze at home or retreat to the nearest body of water.

We would all start the new year extremely well-read and rested, and might even consider New Year’s Eve to be a special thing.

As you read this, all of the businesses in my industry have shut down for the year. So yes, I am technically on holidays too.

I know I should be spending the down time strategising and planning out the next year for my business, but I’m pooped.

My creativity has officially left the building, and that’s okay. In her wake, she’s given me the opportunity to do puzzles, catch up on my reading and watch a lot of sub-par Netflix movies.

But that’s all part of the process.

Sometimes, you just need to veg the hell out for a while. A few days, at the very least.

Now that work is finished, I can finally listen to my brain. It’s saying a strong no to sparkly ideas and is voting for daily naps, giving the house a post-Christmas clean and getting lost in the stories of others.

Is anyone else feeling like this at the moment?

I know a lot of you are out celebrating and living fabulous lives; but right now I’m prioritising laying low, getting through my watch list and patiently waiting for the ideas to flow once more.

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December 23, 2019


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