I’m just a girl, trying to find her place in the world.


A girl whose one true love is music.

A girl who still eats Coco Pops for breakfast.

A girl whose brain doesn’t always have her best interests in mind.

A girl who has learnt that she needs to be her own boss.

A girl who made 2018 her year of knowledge.

A girl who forgets to email her real estate (when she should’ve done two weeks ago).

A girl who loves long drives and hours of singing along to her playlists.

A girl who would do anything for her little brothers.

A girl who found an anger burning where the light should’ve been.

A girl who picks her fingers when she’s stressed (it’s a terrible habit, I know).

A girl who struggles to keep friends, even when she’s been a good one.

A girl who, given the opportunity, would jump on a plane with a moment’s notice to see her favourite band live.

A girl who feels more comfortable at a festival than on a night out.

A girl who finds any excuse to wear a jumper, even at the expense of the electricity bill.

A girl who finds serenity in the rain.

A girl who is obsessed with words.

A girl who doesn’t fit into her old pants.

A girl who avoids the mirror on a bad hair day.

A girl who has a collection of Polaroids with nowhere suitable to display them.

A girl that gushes about her baby brother like he’s her own.

A girl that collects crystals, and spends a great length of time finding ‘the one’.

A girl who would rather adventure than buy a fancy car.

A girl that loves board games.

A girl obsessed with plants.

A girl that either talks too much, or not at all.

A girl starting her own business, without a hint of expertise.

A girl who is deeply in love, and says so.

A girl who enjoys cooking, but only if she’s not busy.

A girl with a nose ring.

A girl who rebelled and wore patent red Doc Martens to school.

A girl who spent her childhood reading and watching love stories that encouraged false hope (small town love is overrated anyway).

A girl who has learnt to grieve.

A girl who doesn’t believe in God.

A girl who still buys real books.

A girl who is on a first name basis with her Zaraffa’s barista (love you Anthony!).

A girl trying to fix herself.

A girl trying to just be.

A girl learning,

to be happy.


Photo by Shahzin Shajid on Unsplash

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May 29, 2018

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