When you step into a hairdressing salon, the patrons can usually be delegated into three groups.

The chatterboxes

A pretty self-explanatory category. These ladies (and men) love a good old-fashioned chinwag. As their hairdresser, you’ll soon learn all of their children’s/grandchildren’s full names, as well as what their neighbours, colleagues and frenemies are doing at any given time of the year. You’ll be expected to remember all the names of said acquaintances, and will often find the client resumes your conversation from the last appointment – regardless of whether you remember or not.

The pains in the ass

It is what it is, I’m afraid. These are the people who are never satisfied. They’re always asking for adjustments and changes, and contradict every instruction they blurt out. They are indecisive, yet not secure enough to let you, the trained professional, recommend any suggestions. They’ll often make jibes at how their old salon was better at this and that, and how a related child under five gives better scalp massages in their sleep. They test the patience of both their fellow patrons and the entire staff, and they never offer any words of thanks.

The reserved readers

These are the gals and guys who take full advantage of the magazines on hand. Or, if they’re really prepared, they bring their own reading material. They see their trip to the hairdresser’s as an opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up on some reading. They partake in conversation, sure, but thrive in the silence that accompanies the 45 minute wait for their colour to set. They are treating themselves to ‘me’ time, ad can often be found with leisurely flipping through glossy mags or taking a quick power nap in between treatments.

All of these individuals are here for the same thing (to get their hair sorted) and yet their experiences significantly differ.

Chatterboxes bid farewell, after a long drawn out goodbye, and leave the salon only to realise they forgot to discuss a crucial piece of gossip.

The pains in the ass stomp out in a huff, even though they’re actually quite pleased with how they look; all things considered.

Reserved readers either feel super relaxed and accomplished (#multitasking) or feel like they made a mistake with their reading/listen choices for the appointment.

Regardless of who you are or claim not to be, it’s important to remember five little words: be kind to your hairdresser.

Because those artists have the power to either make you look like your favourite influencer or a piece of dried seaweed.

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April 1, 2019

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