So, you’ve got a shit-tonne of clothes but you’re sick of them ALL.

You’ve worn your favourite shirt to death, and rotated those three pairs of shorts like there’s no tomorrow, and you’re either ridiculously broke or nothing in the shops/online has struck your fancy.

We’ve all been there – wanting a fashion change, hell, even just an update, and the universe is working against you. But sometimes the ingredients for this project are right in front of you, or possibly in a giant pile on the floor.

Sooooo, before wracking up some serious damage with your PayPal account in a frantic “I don’t own anything cool!” frenzy, here’s a few ideas to consider that will give your wardrobe that much needed “freshen up” without forcing you to eat Mi Goreng for 5 weeks straight.



It seems like such a simple solution, right? Well, it is, and a totally genius one at that. If you’re on the shorter side like moi, or just have a love for baggy t-shirts, then knotting those bad boys is the perfect way to change the way your outfit looks without actually having to buy anything. Personally, I like to knot my tees in the centre/front to give them a cropped-but-baggy look that works excellently with high-waisted anything. Chuck a belt on and voila! You’ll notice the difference instantly.

Another cool idea it to knot your maxi skirts/dresses/basically anything long and flowy that goes past your knees. It’s trending majorly with Spell and the Gypsy gear, with some of the gals even knotting their dusters to give them a cropped look (and save them from the mud at all of those fabulous Byron festivals).



Despite Summer desperately trying to overrun Autumn here in Oz (we are midway through and it’s STILL HOT), Autumn/Winter are usually the perfect seasons to experiment with layering. And no, I’m not talking the singlet-then-jumper-then-jacket kind of layering, I’m talking skirts with tights, dresses over jeans, open long-sleeves over your favourite tee and leather jackets with EVERYTHING.

Also, all of our favourite chain stores have jumped back onto the the flannelette-look bandwagon again and it is RAD. Chuck one of these bad boys on to instantly grunge up your outfit, or tie it around your waist a-la-instagram for that effortless “I just threw this look together but this flannie will actually be super useful later when I’m fucking cold” vibe. And like I said literally EVERYWHERE is selling their own version (yep, even Kmart) so if you need to invest in one then you’ll be able to pick one up for pretty darn cheap.


Patches + Pins

Over the last few months, the patch game has been taking over my instagram in storm-like proportions, and it seems like every cool brand/online store/person is either selling patches or has a nice little collection on their favourite denim jacket or backpack.

Always affordable, these little guys are the perfect way to spruce up your very own denim jacket, but if you’re not feeling 100% committed to changing your old-faithful, scourge your local op shops to find a cheapy to experiment with. Lapel pins are also an excellent accessory for said jackets and bags, with the added bonus of being able to be moved around whenever you like!



We’ve all got that pair of jeans that is okay and passible to wear, but you’re not particularly attached to them. So, instead of letting them gather dust and take up valuable closet space, be brave and give them the chop. If you’re still wanting them to maintain their identity, then shortening, fraying the hems (Sophie from Fashion Slave has a super easy tutorial for this here) or ripping at the knee is the road for you. But if you’re feeling a little less attached and a little more daring, then take the plunge and turn those bad boys into some cute shorts or a skirt.


Op Shopping

Something I don’t do enough of. But that’s probably a good thing, because you can casually wander into your local charity store “just for a look” and drag yourself outta there loaded with recycled bags full of goodies. The best thing? Well, there are a few. Firstly, it’s darn cheap. Secondly, most of what you’ll find will be quirky, possibly vintage, and you’ll never have that awkward outfit twinning situation with a stranger. And lastly, and most importantly, you’re supporting the reusable fashion movement, which is not only great for the environment, but makes you feel pretty darn good knowing that you’re recycling instead of buying new.



Pretty self explanatory, but an excellent device none the less. Hats are not only ridiculously on-trend at the moment, but to me, they will always spunk up an outfit and remain cool. I recently brought a Brixton Fiddler cap (from The Hat Store on the Gold Coast. Could not recommend these guys enough! I got my baby in less than 48hrs) and I am in love with just how different/edgy it can make an outfit. Yes, the decent hats are going to be $40 +, but I like to look at them as an investment piece rather than a lot of money spent on an accessory.


And, voila! I hope some of these little tricks can give you some inspo during this trans-seasonal period. I know I’ll be giving some of these ideas a go (and please remind me of this post next time I happen to be “browsing” on Princess Polly :p)


Over and out,


Viv    x

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May 9, 2016

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