Another year, another Groovin over and done with. I swear I spent the last 3 months counting down the hours until we drove to Townsville, then I blinked and it was all over, with nothing but a trail of spilt glitter as evidence. 

This year had to be one of my best experiences yet. I went with two of my close gal pals and had an absolute blast. Everything went smoothly, we were all super chilled and excited to run around sculling expensive drinks so we could promptly get back to boogying to our favourite acts.

Shout outs go to The Smith Street Band (who made me melt into a giant puddle of glitter and love), The Wombats, George Maple, The Darkness and Dillion Francis. They put out such good vibes and truly made the day what it was. We also stumbled upon this rad DJ called CC: Disco during an aversion of all things Tash Sultana and boy did that lady spin a good mix! I’ve never really dabbled into disco music but we had such a fun time grooving around the locals tent, and what started out as a group of 6 ended up being an entire tent full of disco-ites. 

Being slightly tipsy upon leaving our unit, I kind of forgot my Polaroid camera. I packed all of the film in my backpack, but left the camera at home and completely forgot about it for another 3 or so hours. So it light of this drunken human error I’ve decided to showcase only the film photos we took on a random disposable from Kmart. I had another film camera dilemma right before leaving for Groovin, so we bought this guy and had NO IDEA how to use it. 

Alas, here are the results: beautiful, messy and the reminder of a great day.


North East Party House (perhaps)


The Smith Street Band


The Darkness


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May 15, 2017


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