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After last week’s serious, but nonetheless important piece I thought I’d lighten things up with another round of favourites and finds. It’s been a pretty hectic last few weeks/months for me, as Groovin came and went and James just moved down into our flat (home decorating has never been so fun), so these picks reflect what’s been happening, in a sideways kind of way.


Music: The Smith Street Band


So I’ve known about these beautiful lads for a few years now, having seen them once at Splendour and heard bits and pieces through friends. However, with their album release and their upcoming appearance at Groovin back in May I decided to listen to all their albums and get downloading – and boy was I not disappointed. Will’s lyrics seriously speak to my soul, and it will never cease to amaze me how perfectly he just gets things. There are songs about lovers, songs about depression, songs about the good shit and everything in between; all of which could easily be the soundtrack to my life. Give them a listen if you’re not already smitten – you won’t regret it. 


TV Shows


Criminal Minds – After FINALLY getting James to watch some episodes with me I have well and truly got him hooked. And like any couple whose shows don’t kick off until mid-year, we decided to watch from the beginning. Of the whole show. And yes, there are 12 SEASONS, each with 20 or so episodes, and we are embarrassingly. already halfway through season 4. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t watch regular TV. I’ve always been a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and have been fascinated with the work of the B.A.U and used to dream of becoming a criminal profiler as an adult. And then I grew up and realised the full magnitude of what I would actually be signing up for…and decided to stick with graphic design haha. At least this way I get a good excuse to stare at the adorable Matthew Gray Gubler.



Girl Boss – After reading a lot of mixed reviews (i.e. most people not enjoying it) I decided to give Girl Boss, a Netflix original show inspired by the origin story of Nasty Gal, a whirl.   Call me crazy, but I loved it. Sophia was a little insane, but totally, unapologetically herself and went after what she wanted, and that’s something I really admire in a gal. Plus, the styling was heavenly and the soundtrack was fab, so there really wasn’t much I could complain about. There’s also a scene with Sophia and her boyfriend towards the end of the season that was probably one of the most realistic and best couple-related scenes I’ve ever watched on television. It was so raw and realistic and shook you to the bone. I personally liked much of an asshole Sophia was, because it gets a little boring always having the main character as someone who can do no wrong.




Almost Adulting by Arden Rose – This is one that I kept finding myself drawn to over and over again. The cover art is right up my alley and the blurb inside well and truly spoke to my inner almost-adult. Arden is a beautiful writer, and I loved how it was advice mixed in with her personal experiences, making it feel a whole lot more authentic and relatable.


Fashion: Nine Lives Bazaar


This one is a pretty recent love, but I thought I better include it anyway because I am SMITTEN. Holy heck, I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the past 22 years without this label in my life. An ode to all things retro and vintage, NLB is a colourful array of funky cuts, groovy prints and dreamy nostalgia. I just got my pair of Hendrix flares (pictures) in the mail today, and as someone who has forever been afraid of flares (short + curvy legs = constantly afraid of pants) I am CONVERTED. The magic of the print aside, they fit super snugly and make me feel like a total 70’s babe. Plus, they are Australian, so it would be rude not to support such a rad company. 

Revamping My Flat


Now that I get to wake up to my cute boyfriend everyday I also get to wake up to all of my lovely belongings and household items. I’ve had a serious drought in the decorating department lately because I was certain we would be moving into a different place and would have to rip everything off the walls anyway – wrong! We are planning to stay in my place for another 6 months, which has given me the perfect opportunity to revamp the living room and make some purchases I’ve been hesitant to.

Firstly, I bought this oh-so comfy armchair from work, which not only fits in my lounge room perfectly but is an excellent reading chair. I was prepared to spend $500-$600 for a good armchair but managed to snag this guy for $150, so it’s happy days. I’ve also added some more furniture to the lounge, which has somehow made the space appear bigger. We bought another basic bookshelf for mine and James’ ever-growing collection, as well as a cute a-frame display shelf that holds our puzzles, board games, record player and other cute knick-knacks that didn’t have a proper home before. It’s made me one very happy gal.



This is something I’ve started to do fairly recently and I’m really enjoying it. I write down my manifestations during a new and full moon (apparently this is the best time to do so as it will be more powerful) and work to think about and visualise these things as often as I can. It’s kind of hard to explain but Cartia Mallan has a really good youtube video on it, and for information about the new and full moon I go to Home of the Heart on Facebook. Julia is super informative and has turned me from a sceptic into someone who constantly checks in to see what the moon and planets are up to and how this is affecting us. James laughs at me constantly when I start to get all woo-woo and explaining why its a good time to start this or that, but I love it and see no harm in letting the universe guide us.


I think that just about covers it. This post is a lot shorter than my usual favourites, but like I said, it’s been hella busy and I’ve been pouring most of my creativity into what I’m supposed to cook for dinner, haha.


Till next time,

Viv   xo

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May 29, 2017

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