Holy crap! I just read through my last blog post and realised that I posted that nearly 2 MONTHS AGO. Where on earth has the time gone?

Oh I know – towards moving, working, starting uni with a 5 subject semester, going on adventures, reuniting with old friends and planning my Groovin/Byron/Bali trips for later in the year. Up until very recently I was also deprived of full time internet (not even by choice – Telstra hadn’t given me my start up password and just FORGOT to mention it) and trying to get into a somewhat regular schedule that just completely went out the door this week. Haha, and I’m only just starting Week 3 of my 12 week semester. It’s gonna be a long and busy ride, my friends.

One of the positives from all of the chaos is that I have been journalling nearly every night, which has also come at the price of not posting on my blog. I feel just a teeny bit guilty but at the same time I can’t really write ALL of my insignificant life details on here (and some are just way too embarrassing for the internet to see). (Side note: I think my neighbours are having a brawl. They are having a ‘street’ party and the music has suddenly cut out and the yelling has escalated. But there’s no way in hell I’m going for a look haha).

Anyway, so I spoke to an old school friend recently (yes Tayla I am talking about you!) who said that she actually reads my blog and LIKES it haha so I’m feeling inspired to attempt to pick it up again. I’m currently procrastinating my studies, so I figured now was as good as ever to warm up my writing skills.

And speaking of writing – I actually wrote an entire story draft today, in UNDER AN HOUR. From start to finish. It’s very basic, and rough, with no dialogue, but holy crap I am proud of myself. I was actually falling asleep at the table when the idea came to me. And for once I thought, no Vivienne, wake your damn ass up and write this shit down! Don’t forget another idea AGAIN. So that is exactly what I did. What started out as a couple of images in my head is now a 4 page word document that even has a dodgy ending. I will probably change the conclusion because it’s not very uplifting (I’m a sucker for a happy ending) but hey, maybe branching out into not-so-perfect story endings will be good for me! Maybe actually finishing one of my stories will be good for me! Ha ha. That will be the day.

I’ve come so close twice now, with novels that I worked on for easily two years each, but something has always gotten in the way of me finishing them. Life, mostly. Work, school, boys, blah blah excuses blah. I really need to go on a two week long retreat somewhere and just WRITE. That would be so glorious. Maybe I’ll plan another Byron trip for next year and do it. Or hide away in a cabin in the Snowy Mountains. Wearing jumpers for 2 weeks straight would totally be OK with me!

I guess one thing that I’m really glad about is my mindset this year. After that failed 2-and-a-half year relationship, I am feeling much more like myself again, except for the part where I can’t decide on a career. I’m still running around in circles trying to decide between teaching, interior design and music journalism. All are equally fantastic and rewarding in different ways, and I kind of want to do all 3. I am genuinely considering finishing this teaching degree then heading straight to Melbourne to jump into a journalism one. Because who has time for sleep, right?

My passion for music is so majorly back that it isn’t even a joke anymore. I’ve got a lot of people who laugh and joke about how invested with festivals and gigs I am, but why the hell wouldn’t I be? There is seriously no cooler feeling than getting lost in a crowd of strangers, dancing ridiculously, singing loudly and your face shaped into one, big genuine grin.

That’s exactly how I felt at the John Butler Trio gig I went to up in Kuranda recently. I was meant to go with my parents and aunty and uncle, but they all pulled out last minute because of the dodgy weather. But me, being the total adventure junkie that I am, braved the horrible range at night (with rain, clouds AND fog) and even managed to find a decent park. It was the first time that I actually went to a gig intentionally solo (I did Soundwave last year by myself as well, but at least I saw 2 shows with my Uncle before we parted ways) and at first I was super awkward and didn’t know where to stand, but just before JBT started playing I was like “fuck this shit, I’m totally getting as close to the stage as possible.” I didn’t even have to push through, like a lot of dickheads around me did. I just went with the natural flow of the crowd and eventually wound up in the front row (but then retreated back a step, because there isn’t much room to dance on the barrier). It was a glorious night, and dancing in the rain was something I’ve never done before but now something I can’t wait to experience again. Having the show at the Kuranda Amphitheatre was so magical, and the weather and all of the gumboot clad guests only made it that much cooler also.

The band was obviously, mind-blowing. You could google any review on the John Butler Trio and I bet you it would all be words of praise. Those boys have such a huge amount of talent, and yet they are so humble and generous and still manage to find stand up for the things and current issues that are important to them.

If you couldn’t tell, I am frigging glad I went. I took a bunch of wonky, swaying videos (you can’t sacrifice an opportunity to groove, even if your friends and family do want footage) and now I have the memories for life (in my brain and on my iPhone). Writing this kinda stuff down is brilliant because when I’m old and boring and live in, *gasp* an estate (please don’t ever let me do that!) I will at least have all the badass adventures of my youth to look back on and think, “yeap, this girl definitely lived”.

Till next time (if you’re still reading this),


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March 22, 2015

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