I know, I know. I’m totally freaking late with this one. So much that I don’t actually remember what all of my August faves were. Oops. In one of the many sleep-deprived moments this morning (I’m writing a few of these at the airport whilst I wait for my 5 ½ hour delay to be over) I managed to rustle up a few of the things I loved last month, that aren’t my everyday faves like turtlenecks and strawberries and James.


Beauty: Lush Face Scrub & Mask

Just a heads up: this “Brisbane trip” that I keep mentioning has influenced 4/7 favourites in this post. What can I say; you can’t choose when and where you fall in love with stuff. So, Lush. I went to the store in Queen St Mall and was so freaking grateful for how helpful the girls were in there. I went in twice, the first time to pick up a face wash, and the second a face mask. To determine what face wash would best suit my skin, the sales girl (man, I wish I knew her name because she was actually a goddess when it came to skincare knowledge) asked me heaps of different questions and let me test different products until we landed on ‘Herbalism’, which is a fresh cleanser designed to achieve balanced and revitalised skin – perfect! Not gonna lie, the vinegar smell takes a bit to get used to, but it is 100% worth it once you start using it daily.

Next up was a face mask for extra hydration to go that little bit further than a daily cleanse. I was completely torn between two products that were very similar, but because of it’s in-store only status I had to give ‘Don’t Look At Me’ a try. And holy smokes, is it good. I definitely see why Lush named it that, since it is BRIGHT BLUE and all. James couldn’t take me seriously whenever I had it on (twice a week, usually at his place) but I didn’t care because FRESH CLEAN SKIN TRUMPS ALL.


Music: Trophy Eyes


So I initially heard about these guys when I was researching who was opening for Amity’s August tour, and found the first single off their upcoming album, Chemical Miracle. ‘Chlorine’, aka one of my favourite songs ever (you bet I’m making that call) is such a cool track and I was determined to learn all the words before I saw them live. And then August 19 rolled around, and the Newcastle 5 piece came onstage and made us jump around like lifelong fans. Their energy and charisma and badass punk rock vibes just make you never want to stop dancing and go on a long road trip with their albums on repeat. Kasey and I developed just a small crush on the lead singer, John, who was so much fun to watch bouncing around on stage. I was instantly hooked, and have since downloaded a bunch of songs they released in 2014, as well as Chemical Miracle’s second single, “Heaven Sent” which just too dreamy for words.


TV: Women’s Murder Club


Being an avid book reader, I often struggle finding TV shows that actually captivate me and meet the very high expectations that books set in terms of plot and character development. So back in the dark days of August, when we’d flown through Stranger Things and had to wait patiently for American Horror Story and Narcos to return, I retreated to an old book-to-screen adaption that I’d always loved the idea of, but never actually watched when it was first released. In comes Women’s Murder Club, a show based on James Patterson’s best-selling book series of the same name. Outcome = me loving every single minute of it, and binge watching the first season in 2 days. Now that I was well and truly attached, I clicked the next episode tab after the season one finale only to discover IT WAS CUT. No season 2. Hell, the season 1 finale wasn’t even a finale. It just stopped, without wrapping up any of the storylines or anything. And completely broke my heart. But apart from that, it was a really good show with the perfect amount of humour, wit, murder, mystery and romance. Watch and then read the 16 or so books for more.


YouTube: Rochelle Fox


Rochelle is another badass entrepreneur that I have been following for quite some time, who in the last 6 or so months has been posting non-stop top quality YouTube content. From the “I Create My Own Reality” series she and partner Chris Soll have so artfully curated (think vlogs of amazing holidays and backyard explorations, as well as some behind the scenes stuff for their metallic tattoo company Iamu), to her super inspiring meditation and mindfulness content; Rochelle covers it all. Not only is she a babe, but she is so funny and genuine and such a go-getter. She’s honestly such an inspiration if you’re wanting to get into the freelance/entrepreneur world, and is about to launch her Mindspo website and online course which I will definitely be getting my hands on.


Fashion: Converse High Tops


So I FINALLY picked up a pair of what have essentially been my dream shoes since I discovered that sneakers came in different styles. Alas, you have the classic black Chuck Taylor High Tops. Honestly, when I think of footwear I can’t think of a more iconic brand than Converse. I know there are plenty of front-runners (I still love you, Dr. Martens and Vans) but to me, there’s nothing more effortless and cool than a pair of scruffy high top Converse. After lusting over them for years, I finally slapped some sense into myself and scored a pair of these babies from Catch of the Day for an affordable $80 (cheaper than any other bricks and mortar or online store I could find + free postage too!) and have been wearing them ever since. Asides from being uber comfortable and not having to be broken in at all, they literally go with EVERY kind of outfit. Trust me, I’ve tested it out, and good pair of Connies will always benefit your look.


Book: Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle


I picked this one up rather late in August, whilst I was down in Brisbane for my Amity gig (more in this post here), and boy I am glad I did. I nearly put it back, as there were so many intriguing titles to choose from in good old Dymocks, but eventually the cover art won me over. Talk about stunning. I would actually love to have a print version of it on my walls. And the book? Well, it was beautiful too. There are simply no other words for it. For a debut novel, Trinity did an amazing job with the story and it made me want to pack up and move down to the NSW coast.


Food/Drinks: Pots of English Breakfast tea

Pic courtesy of my fab friend Tayla 🙂 – @taylawebbxox

I know this is kind of a random one, but those 3 days in Brisbane really opened my eyes to the magic that is a pot of tea. I don’t know if I was just going to places that had really good quality tea, or if loose tea just tastes better in general, but it was so darn nice (and delicious) to just sit down with your little arrangement of jugs and sugars and have three cups of tea for the price of 1 at the Coffee Club. Independent cafes for the win!


And that’s it for all of my August Faves. Like I said in an earlier segment, this series isn’t always going to be the same, because different things happen each month that will influence the things we obsess over. Ya know, human nature and all that :p
Till next time,

Viv x


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September 20, 2016

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