AUTHOR’S NOTE: So if you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you may remember my little 21st birthday holiday to Bali at the end of last year. After two weeks in that blissfully hot little country, I left craving some good orange juice and filled to the brim with inspiration. I learnt so much during my short stay; both about the culture and myself, and have been wanting to create a mini series surrounding my trip, which I have FINALLY begun. To start it off, I’ve decided to do a general tips and tricks post, because not only are they my favourite to write (why do I find such pleasure in giving people advice? Weird) but I feel like they are the most practical for my readers. So make yourself a nice cup of tea and  enjoy!


Before Bali:


During Bali:

13632671_10210653896447530_772985307_o.jpgI hope you’re able to find some of these tips useful for any of your future travels to Bali 🙂 There are so many more I could’ve added, but I wanted to make this a more money saving based post for all you travellers looking to get the most out of your holiday on the smallest budget (without eating chilli corn every night – which is flipping good by the way, but maybe not for 2 whole weeks). So remember to enjoy the heck outta yourself, because you worked hard for your little getaway! Also: take 10000000 photos and journal if you can. There’s nothing I love more than looking back through all my Bali snaps and trying not to book another flight.


Till next time,

Viv    x


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August 1, 2016

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