So I’ve just sat down to write this after spending a day watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron (badass and adorable, as per usual), doing a smidgen of uni work and having visitors over for the afternoon. I’m going to come out and say it right now: I’m no model student. I’m no model anything for that matter, except for maybe in the fashion sense department. I do okay there (note: when in doubt, throw on some high-waisted shorts, a baseball tee and the oldest pair of Converse you own. Works every time).

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about something we all struggle with from time to time, and that is in fact, balancing our time. I am yet to meet anyone who has mastered the act of juggling their social, work  and love lives perfectly, let alone someone who does all that and studies full time. Thankfully I currently don’t have a love life to stress out about (and honestly, I’m relieved. Liking someone is thrilling and all, but it’s so dang time consuming!) but I wake up everyday having to plan what I do and try to organise how I can fit everything into 24 hours.

And how does all this planning go, you may ask. The short answer is this: I have my good days and then I have my uni days. Work just gets thrown in there as a non-negotiable.

I can already feel myself straying from the purpose of this post (even though it is yet to be fully developed) and I am seriously regretting not grabbing a large iced coffee with our macca’s dinner (classy, I know. Welcome to student life).

The POINT of this blabbering is to say that yes, it’s okay that you haven’t figured everything out. It’s okay to neglect uni and put friendships and yourself first. After all, it’s just a course. You can always come back to whatever you don’t pass (but if you are failing then you’re probably in the wrong degree) and don’t feel bad if you spend the day adventuring with your friends when you should be reading Chapter 17 of your hired textbook (because who can actually afford to buy those?).

I regularly find myself trying to think of new ways to balance out my life. I opened my journal the other day and realised that it had nearly been an entire month since I’d written in it (before that it was almost daily) and I couldn’t even think of where to start in terms of saying what has been going on. Saturday was also the first time I’ve picked up a non-uni related book in 7 weeks, and actually had the time to read it, sorry I made time to read it. I’ve been getting so caught up with SUW (socialising, uni, work) that I’ve barely had time just to relax and do the things I enjoy (movies on a Friday night don’t count – they are a must).

So for everyone feeling guilty for having a bit too much fun, or cutting into some uni time to do something even slightly more appealing: don’t feel bad. You’re not alone in that. In fact, I think it’s how all of us semi-sane uni students survive. You gotta make time for the small stuff.

I love the phrase ‘make time’. Because we, as humans, are physically incapable of making time. We can’t remove it or add to it, and we certainly can’t purchase our morning cup of coffee with it like they do in that movie, Time. The best we can do is work with what we’ve got, and try to prioritise things sort of responsibility.

In the end, my uni work and assignments get done. I’m not a complete dickhead. I do the work, but I also push the work back if the opportunity for fun arises. It’s the art of shuffling your life around until you get can everything accomplished. It’s not a fabulous way to live, but until we finish the degree and get that dream job/house/lifestyle that we are working hard for, it’s the best you can do.

So, as always, I hope this post was semi useful. I really need to draft these instead of just writing them as soon as the idea pops into my head. But hey, who has the time for that?

Here are some lyrics that sprung to mind when I began to write this post. If you can guess who wrote them, then I think we should be friends.

Sending good karma your way,


“I’m only just treading water but it’s starting to seep in,

a breath to wake me,

like the shock of falling,

as you drift away”

# # # # # # # #

April 28, 2015


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