Aloha friends!

My name is Viv and I’m a 24 year old gal hailing from FNQ, Australia. I’m just your average, not-so plain jane with a few tattoos and an impractical love of jumpers. I enjoy the odd spot (a lot) of writing, the frequent cup of tea, and attending every festival or gig I can get my broke butt to.

When I’m not booking flights or planning my next holiday, you’ll find me posting random shit on Instagram (@viv_kruckow), hanging out with my cute boyfriend and crazy family, running my business Rust Creative or spending all my money on independent art prints

This blog launched in 2014 as an estranged hobby, and has gradually evolved from the occasional personal rant (boring!) to weekly articles and opinion pieces.

I’m all about connecting creatives, sharing good stuff and showcasing the amazing talent we have in the world.

If you’d like to work together, hit me up at viv.theeverydaygal@gmail.com so we can start creating.

Thanks for tuning in,

Viv     x


Hi Elly, thanks so much for stopping by! I loved interviewing Ashlee and am so glad this article got to showcase her fab talents 🙂

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