1. closely acquainted; familiar.
  2. private and personal.

Holding a newborn baby for the first time.

That aching feeling in your chest when you look at someone and think “fuck, I love you”.

Holding someone’s hand when they’ve been told bad news.

Hearing the words “I’ve never told anyone this before”.

Sharing secrets in the dark.

When the back of your hand brushes theirs.

Spooning for the first time in a relationship.

Letting someone see you. All of you.

Crying in front of a stranger.

Discussing personal issues with your coworkers.

Confessing you’re scared to someone who won’t have the answers.

Hugging someone from behind.

Blurting out “I love you” for the first time without any warning.

Sharing a knowing look with a new friend.

Catching someone’s eye and bursting out laughing during a serious story.

Asking questions you’ve never been able to before.

Being honest about what you’re thinking.

Admitting that you’re not okay.

Having an inside joke.

Meeting someone and feeling like you know their soul.

Being told “I heard this song and I thought of you”.

Knowing someone’s order off by heart.

Being able to tell what they need.

Cheering someone up when they’re sad.

Seeing live music together.

Singing along to your favourite song with a crowd of thousands of people.

Owning up to your mistakes.

Holding their face in your hands.

Telling someone how brilliant they are.

Feeling comfortable as just you – no makeup, no hair products, no fancy clothes. Just you and me, as us.

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January 14, 2019

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