We, as humans, are fragile as hell.

We break our bones and cry over silly things.

Our brains play tricks and sometimes they lead us to do irreversible things.

We are bullied and sometimes bully others just to take our shit out on someone.

Our feelings get hurt by criticism and we are forever loathing our bodies.

We envy those we haven’t met and judge the ones we do know.

We give advice that we’re not qualified to offer and blatantly ignore it when we need it most.

We cheat on partners and attempt to justify our wrongdoings.

We moan about the things we don’t like, but rarely take any steps to change them or remove them from our lives.

We let words break our hearts and seek salvation from so-called gurus.

We inhale self-improvement content like it’s our daily dose of vitamins, and proclaim we feel like a new person after two weeks overseas.

We crumble under the weight of the vehicles we drive, yet are careless enough to speed and look at our phones whilst on the highway.

We say ‘I love you’ without actually being able to explain what love is.

We do stupid things like bite our nails and stay up too late and text old flames when we’re drunk.

We let little apps rule our love lives and self-worth, and feel validated by strangers tapping little hearts on our screens.

We obsess over colour and weight and food choices and other people’s choices but turn a blind eye to issues that need us most.

We do things that are self destructive and are bad for our health and make irrelevant excuses instead of admitting to laziness.

But we aren’t all bad.

We can say nice things and smile at strangers and hold open doors for others when we’re running late.

We give good hugs and come over when our friends call and write kind words to those who deserve them.

We teach babies how to walk and read to them out loud and tutor those who need our help.

We share the load and babysit for free and look after animals that aren’t ours.

We say ‘I love you’ because we want to share our adoration and remind that person that yes, someone loves you.

We compliment outfits and shout coffees and donate blankets because good things should be shared.

We are a fragile species.

Both stupid and intelligent at different times.

We are wrecking our planet but also trying to save it.

We start wars then unite to end them.

As a species, we are bizarre.

But on a smaller scale, we are simply, human.

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October 15, 2018

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