So I’ve been quite absent of late. Hell, it’s been a few weeks, which is kind of annoying because I was doing so darn well with the weekly posts! But sometimes life gets in the way I guess (which is not even an exaggeration, because I started re-watching Stranger Things a couple of weeks ago and I’m STILL only half way through. First attempt took us less than 24 hours).

Anyway, I’m currently sitting at the Cairns airport, waiting for yet another flight for a new adventure (this one has unfortunately been delayed because of technical difficulties – not exactly what you want to hear at 5:30am in the morning) so I figured it was about time I did a write up about my whirlwind adventure in Brisbane a few weeks back. Man, it feels like a lifetime ago when in reality it’s only been 3 weeks since touchdown.

It was an absolute blast of a long weekend, and I had so much fun with the couple of gal pals that I caught up with (and massive props to Tayla for giving me a warm bed/navigating all of my train travels because I am officially bloody useless when it comes to timetables), and ya know, Amity was pretty darn good as well.


Day 1: Thursday 18th August


8:30am: Touchdown in a very gloomy, misty Brisbane. The weather did not look promising in the slightest, especially because I had a full day planned of shopping and wandering and museums, but I was keen to brave it anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Brisbane has a special little nook in my heart. I don’t think I’ll ever completely understand why, but I frigging adore that place. Being there actually brightens my soul and I always feel so inspired and spirited and yeah. The public transport system and I are NOT friends yet.


12:00pm: After a 3 train rides and 2 Ubers (during all of which I was completely useless and confused – panic texting Tayla every two minutes to make sure I was catching the right train & running away from terrorist pigeons) I finally made it to Keppera and back into the city again. I wish I was one of those gals who is super savvy when it comes to navigation, but I frigging SUCK. Lucky for switched on friends, eh? ANYWAY. Location: Queen St Mall. Objective: Find delicious brunch food. Outcome: Very, very successful. We hit up Brew, this really cool underground café/bar in one of the lanes off Queen St. I’ve been there before and absolutely DIED when I had their Haloumi bagel, so I knew only good things could come from a second visit. I had the Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap and Tayla had the Breakfast Mince with fresh juices and both were big ticks in our books.


1:00pm: Tayla went off to work and I was determined to FINALLY make it across the bridge and go to the bloody museum. Every time I go to Brisbane I always prattle on about how I’m going to go to all of the cool museums and galleries and cafes when in reality I shop and shop and shop and MIGHT go see a movie. So after a bit of, ah, shopping, I made the stroll over to Southbank and went to the Queensland Museum to check out their Dinosaur Discovery exhibit. Pretty sure I went at the perfect time of day, because there was hardly anyone there so I had PLENTY of opportunities to take goofy Boomerangs of all of the mechanic dinosaurs and try and sneak in a few selfies (solo selfies in public are actually so much harder than you’d think :p). But in all seriousness, it was such a cool and informative experience, and even though I’m pretty sure it’s targeted at children, I had an absolute blast. Would 10/10 recommend, no matter what age you are.


4:00pm: Back to Queen St Mall for more “window shopping”. I had a couple of hours to kill before Tayla finished work so I wandered around the mall and ended up retreating to a warm and cosy Starbucks because a) my feet were killing me, and b) I had hit a wall with the whole 3 hours sleep thing. After a caramel hot chocolate and a much needed phone charge (I was definitely in full tourist mode, snapping my little heart out every time I saw a cute building or, well, dinosaur) I was back in the streets.


8:00pm: Vegetarian nachos and Tequila and Pink Lemonade slushies at Guzmen Y Gomez – an absolutely rad Mexican place I first visited in Byron. We ended up walking back over to Southbank from the Transit Centre, and it was such a nice little walk. Wandering along the river gives you a lovely view of the city and bridge lights, and is definitely a must do if you’re ever there. Despite my sleep deprivation, we were keen to hit up the Cineplex theatre at Southbank (which is conveniently right across the road from GYG – bonus!) because it’s ridiculously cheap and always has a good range of movies. We saw Suicide Squad (6/10 – the first hour was a little rusty but once the gang actually got together it was pretty darn cool) and then absolutely froze our asses off on the way home. Brisbane at night is MUCH colder than Brisbane during the day. TAKE NOTE.


Day 2: Friday 19th August

10:30am: Back in Queen St. Back eating. This time at Jo Jo’s, who make a killer Acai bowl for a very affordable $11. We sat out on the balcony and darn was it nice. The sun was shining, the city was alive and the food was good. What more can you really ask for? After MORE shopping (yes, I know. It’s a problem. I didn’t actually buy that much, but there was definitely a lot of stores to look at, which is always a refreshing after bouncing between the same 2 shopping centres back in Cairns) Tayla headed off to work and I was left to uh, shop.


3:00pm: I was officially shopped out, and I’m sure my bank account was pleased. I decided to visit Dymocks bookstore (the Queen St one is my favourite bookstore in Queensland. The variety there is amazing and the smell – oh, the smell! Thousands of fresh books – aka my favourite scent in the world), picked up a book (‘Pieces of Sky’ by Trinity Doyle, which I chat more indepthly about here) and set up shop in Bonsai Botanika for a few hours.


7:30pm: Running frantically late, as per usual, I made it to the Tivoli with plenty of time to catch Trophy Eyes and The Amity Affliction. Both bands frigging rocked, making me fall in love with Trophy Eyes and then in love all over again with Amity, who performed their best set that I’ve seen so far (round 5, in case you were wondering :p). I went with one of my Brisbane friends and we had such a fun time. Kasey, if you’re reading this, then thank you for such a fun night. Thank god for girls with good music taste!


Day 3: Saturday 20th August


10:30am: And guess where we were again? Brisbane Bloody City. For convenience purposes, of course. But mostly for food and to get some goodies from Lush. After being dropped off in a random street in the city, we stumbled upon Z bar, this super chilled café/bar that caught our eye with their out-of-this-world breakfast prices. $10 for a big breakfast? As if we could walk past that! And despite the “seems too good to be true” price tag, the food was amazing and the coffee was so darn good it could turn me into a coffee addict with the stir of a spoon.

1:00pm: A mad rush to Krispy Kreme before smuggling my 3 carry on bags onto the plane.


And adios, Brisbane! As you read, it was an absolutely hectic few days in my favourite city, and even though I can home broke and bone cold tired, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hope you enjoyed!


Till next time,

Viv x

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June 6, 2017


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