There seems to be a lot of controversy around what is one of my favourite TV shows of all time (don’t judge, okay Miranda?) but after 9 years of repeatedly watching, I’m not fazed.

If you get past Carrie’s whole extravagant spending thing, and Charlotte’s slightly snobby views on what constitutes a man to be an appropriate husband, there’s actually a lot of good lessons to be learnt, used, and passed on.

Here’s five, just for you.

Friends are forever (or at least longer than most boyfriends)

It’s something I wish was drummed a little more into me in my teenage years. It’s so easy to get caught up in the gooey stages of dating someone new, and neglecting the wonderful bunch who’ve actually known you for a whole lot longer. Hell, even marriage isn’t a guaranteed thing these days. If there’s one thing the SATC gals taught me, it’s to cherish your friendships, because those women are going to around a lot longer than any cute flings will.

Be smart when buying property

In the later seasons, we witness both Carrie and Charlotte go through property battles after breaking up with their significant others. It’s a bleak look at the reality of dividing assets after ending a serious relationship, but one that’s taught me to be savvy with my money and always demand a 50-50 split of expenses. I’m yet to buy a house, but you can bet when I do I’ll be thinking of the whole Carrie-Big-cancelled wedding scenario.

Lay off the criticism

Your friends are going to make mistakes, and it’s your duty to sit by and let them. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is constantly condescending and putting their two cents in. Opinions are important, sure, but there’s a line between having an opinion and trying to control every aspect of their decisions. The way I look at it: offer your advice when it’s wanted, offer your support when it’s needed (see: any of Carrie and Miranda’s fights).

Have fun with fashion

For every killer outfit on SATC, there are two equally as questionable ones. I know Patricia Fields is a legend and all, but dang were some of those ensembles whack. Her styling did, however, give me the courage to experiment with my wardrobe and stop fearing being ‘too dressed up’. FYI, my favourite character costumes is a tie between Samantha and Charlotte. Samatha for powerdressing, and Charlotte for preppy chic.

Move to New York City, already

Even if I don’t end up writing for the New York Star, or having a rich husband or running a successful PR firm or becoming a lawyer (all highly unlikely scenarios considering my current talents and creative pursuits) – New York is calling my name. It really, truly is as fabulous as Carrie’s narrative makes it out to be, and despite the noise and volatile pedestrians, there’ll always be a part of me that considers NYC to be my home away from home. Which is why I need to hurry up and score myself a rent-controlled Brownstone already.

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April 29, 2019

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